World’s first Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8 revolutionizes VIP flying experience

Andrea Divirgilio / September 5, 2012

We have earlier seen the world’s most luxurious aircraft interiors, but nothing beats these Boeing business jets equipped with aeroloft. A premium turn-key VIP interior completion center for Boeing Business Jets, Washington State-based Greenpoint Technologies has now delivered its first patented Aeroloft installed on a BBJ 747-8 VIP aircraft to an undisclosed client. Described to be a modular product designed especially for Boeing Business Jet 747-8, the exclusive Aeroloft provides a VIP sanctuary for individual passengers to escape the noise and activity of the main deck for rest during travel. Located above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail of the airplane, this optional extra ‘Aeroloft’ installed with custom designed interior furnishings and a forward entry staircase provides 393 sq ft. of additional cabin space, and boasts eight private sleeping berths and a changing room.

World's first Aerosoft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8s revolutionizes VIP flying experience

World's first Aerosoft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8s revolutionizes VIP flying experience

With an added extension of 393 sq. ft of cabin space, Aeroloft actually brings the VIP-configured BBJ 747-8 to a total of 5,179 sq ft. of luxurious cabin space. Notably, the Aeroloft is one of the most innovative and exciting projects on which Boeing, the largest global aircraft manufacturer has collaborated with Greenpoint Technologies.

World's first Aerosoft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8s revolutionizes VIP flying experience

And, Boeing is certain that all the affluent BBJ 747-8 customers receiving the Aeroloft will be thrilled with this exclusive, spacious and comfortable space, as they appreciate the benefit of providing passengers and guests a private rest area above the main deck for additional relaxation and comfort.

Installation of Aeroloft in BBJ 747-8 took place in Wichita, Kansas, and now the aircraft is reportedly heading to Hamburg, Germany in order to have the rest of its interior installed by Lufthansa Technik.

Established in 1988, Kirkland-based Greenpoint Technologies which are known as a premium provider of turn-key VIP interior completions, has a long association with Boeing, to provide VIP interior solutions for private individuals, Head-of-State clients, and transport category aircrafts.

Also, Boeing is all set to deliver two more Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8 to its discerning clients.

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Also, watch the video of the Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8 that actually revolutionizes VIP flying experience.

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Via: DVice / Boeing / GizMag

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