World’s first bejeweled solid gold VISA Infinite Card for Sberbank’s top 100 customers

Andrea Divirgilio / October 26, 2012

After the Eurasian Bank in the oil-rich and the world’s largest landlocked country Kazakhstan introduced the diamond-studded VISA Infinite card, now the Kazakhstan’s Sberbank in collaboration with VISA has launched the world’s first jewel-encrusted solid gold VISA Infinite companion card. Especially designed in response to the growing appetite for elite, status-symbol cards, this coveted piece of luxury which can be used for chip transactions will be available by invitation only to Sberbank’s top 100 customers. Manufactured by Rosan Diamond in Russia, the card is made of solid gold and embedded with 26 diamonds, totaling 0.17 carats, and mother of pearl, with brushed gold finish, this particular card will act as a companion card to the Sberbank standard Visa Infinite card.

World’s first jewel-encrusted solid gold VISA Infinite companion card for Sberbank's top 100 customers

And, with the issuance of such premium cards, Sberbank is delighted that its cardholders in Kazakhstan are amongst the world’s first who are privileged to take advantage of this exclusive offer, which will ultimately ensures the highest level of Sberbank’s customers’ service.

Notably, cardholders of Sberbank VISA Infinite will get extra support which includes access to a “Sberbank First” personal manager, information and medical services, purchase protection for any kind of stolen goods and premium travel and health insurance.

Further, the cardholders will also get access to Visa Premium Access privileges, including teeing off at some of the exclusive and world’s top golf courses, luxury holiday getaways to fast-track immigration at over 280 airports around the world.

For the likes of discerning ultra-wealthy cardholders, we have seen some special cards including the recently launched Mercedes Card Silver and Gold which comes with a bonus program, the diamond-studded Royale MasterCard for the Dubai’s elites, the American Express Black Card, and the diamond-studded VISA card.


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