World’s most expensive hotels with unique concepts
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World’s most expensive hotels with unique concepts

World’s most expensive hotels with unique concepts

World's Most Unique hotels

Busy city lives have people from different parts of the world, clamor for a vacation at locations, which gives them a break from the regular ambiance of the cities. Hence, there has always been a demand for a break from the same, in surroundings which could vastly contrast from the regular city life. Whether it’s the hills or the seas, or even lifestyle, there are hotel establishments across the world which caters to this very precise need. This list covers the set of most expensive exotic hotels in world, which set them apart from the rest.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Location: Singapore

Located at the Bayfront Avenue, this hotel complex is known for being a city unto itself with this multiple facilities and also its unique shape of the buildings. With a total of 2560 rooms, the accommodation in this hotel is divided into 2 categories; suites (10 different subcategories) and rooms (7 subcategories). The amenities for guests are also divided in 2 categories depending on the kind of traveler they are; business and leisure. In the business segment, there is an express baggage facility, limousine services, MICE facilities and special club access for the executives. In leisure category, there are the options such as Banyan Tree Fitness Club, QUBE kids club, Sands Sky Park Pool, Banyan Tree Spa, Golf Course, Gift Shop and the Floral Bay. For dining, there are 32 different options, including 14 fine dining restaurants and 18 casual dining establishments. The hotel was also famous for being the location of the world’s 2nd most expensive casino, which made international headlines during its opening.

2. Burj-Al-Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Location: Dubai

Setting a trend amongst many hotels in the gulf, the Burj Al Arab stands as an icon of modern architecture and classic design, on a man-made island of the mainland Dubai. One of the most unique facilities is the tennis court, which doubles up as a helipad during emergency situations for guests, and also happens to be the highest tennis court in the world. The 7 star establishment has a total of 27 floors, which houses its 202 duplex suites which range from 170 to 780 sq. mts in size. Other amenities to be enjoyed at the hotel include chauffer driven Rolls Royce for personal outings, access to the artificial Majles Al Bahar beach, spa facilities, hydrotherapy baths, adventure centers, infinity pools, fitness studios and multi-cuisine restaurants.

3. Tron themed ice hotel

Tron Themed Hotel

Location: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

If one enjoyed the movie Tron which was released a while back, this ice hotel with the movie theme located in Sweden, just might be a dream vacation place. Specialties of this property include the TRON theme, and of course the fact that each portion of this hotel is made of ice including the bed one might end up sleeping on. The accommodation rooms and suites too, carry forward this similar design with low-power consuming lighting being fitted almost everywhere possible. The credit for this unique design and concept is given to the architectural duo of Ben Rousseu & Ian Douglas Jones.

4. Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Located in one of the most famous holiday venues, the Bahamas, this hotel mainly comprises of 6 different towers which houses the 11 different kinds of suites of the hotel. Each of these suites is based on different themes which the holidayers can choose from. Facilities include fine-dining and casual dining restaurants, along with cafes and quick-eats establishments. Leisure activities centers include the Dolphin Cay, Water Park, Marine Habitat and also water sports opportunities. For children too, there are specialized activities such as the adventure camps and the fantasy camps. There is also a casino where the guests are allowed with prior booking only.

5. Magic Mountain Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel

Location: Huilo Huilo nature reserve, Chile

For someone who enjoys leisure in the lap of nature, this hotel might be the perfect choice. The uniqueness of the property includes the special ambiance and also the shape of the hotel which resembles a typical forest setting, and the building looks like a small mountain in itself. Amongst its leisure facilities include the spa carved out of a tree trunk, with specialized bath-tubs for hydrotherapy sessions. Others include the golf course, which extends into the natural reserve where this hotel is based. In case you want to tee-off, then a golf course is there at your disposal. Accommodation facilities include 13 rooms, each with its own private bathroom which have been named after plants and natural wonders of the nature reserve.

6. Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi (on a man-made island)

Amongst the new establishments for leisure activities in the Gulf region, this hotel stands as one of the icons in the area. The main theme of the hotel is based on the royal palaces of the Arab royal families, which the holiday makers could enjoy. With a total of 394 rooms, there are different categories to choose from such as the Grand Rooms, Khaleej & Khaleej deluxe suites, and also the 4 royal Khaleej suites, which have been given private access to the beach of the hotel, its swimming pool and fitness center. Also, these rooms have their own reception areas, where the guests will be given hand-held controlling devices for the multiple amenities of their suites. Of the 15 dining options, include restaurants such as the Le Vendome Brasserie which dishes out international cuisine, the Sayad that is known for Arabian Sea food and its unique décor resembling the lagoon of the gulf. Other leisure activities include boutique shopping plaza, children’s playground (Sarab Land), fitness suites, tennis courts, beach, spa and water sports activities. Also another unique feature is the world’s first and only gold dispensing ATM machine recognized internationally.

7. Poseidon under-sea Resort

Poseidon Resort

Location: Fiji Islands

One of the best known underwater establishments in the world, the Poseidon Resort is located 40 feet below water in the Fijian Lagoon, accessible through elevators and provides an ambience which is rarely rivaled. In 2009, the management of the hotel called in a select group of adventure travelers from around the world, who came and experienced the resort’s unique facilities. Leisure activities include deep-sea scuba diving, marine based spa-treatments and meditation centers, apart from the underwater cruise in the luxury submarine of the hotel. Other activities include an underwater library, theater, and a 9-hole golf course along with tennis court and the health club. The dining facilities include the 6 restaurants serving all kinds of world cuisines, and the 7 bars to spend the evenings in. For accommodation, there are 3 kinds of suites available; over-ground suites, over-water suites and ultimately the underwater rooms. Each of these rooms and suites have been fitted with a king size bed, with luxury bed linen. There is also the personal office space with wi-fi internet integration amongst others. One could further enjoy with the large screen Television with DVD players, or create one’s favorite beverages at the in-room bar which is equipped with gourmet snacks, ultra-premium alcohol, soft-drinks and juices. The bathrooms are fitted with jacuzzi tubs, 2 sinks, hydra showers and marine based personal care products. To reach this underwater heaven, one could take the aerial route or even the sea route from the main Fijian island.

8. Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain Resort

Location: St. Lucia

This resort strikes everyone due to its unique design of architecture and landscaping done by Nick Troubetzkoy. Set in St.Lucia, which is known as the Helen of the West Indies, this hotel provides uninterrupted views of the Pitons and Gros & Petit mountains between which this hotel is based. The multi-floored structure is divided into sanctuaries, each fitted with their private infinity pool with special light reflecting mosaic tiles which have chromotherapic properties. Each of these sanctuaries is known to be without any windows or opaque walls which could obstruct one’s view of the mountains outside. To soak in the serene environment, televisions and phones are not present in the rooms, and only have a single touch communicating device connecting to the personal butler. Surprising is the fact that despite being transparent, it is almost impossible for anyone from outside to view the guests inside the hotel! Now that’s what is called architectural brilliance!

9. Ritz Carlton

Dove Mountain Hotel

Location: Dove Mountain, Arizona, United States

This hotel establishment is primarily famous for its brand association with Carlton group of hotels, and this is a fact that its dining experience is indeed unique the world over. The restaurant in question is set inside the low lying swimming pool, where guests can dip their feet in water and relax over the turquoise lighted flooring, and soak in the ever romantic settings. Other leisure activities include the water slides, spa-pools with full service cabanas, tanning island in the middle of the swimming pool, golf course and plenty of adventure sports opportunities.

10. WhitePod

White Pod Hotel

Location: Betraye, Switzerland

Placed amongst the world famous Swiss Alps, this resort is made up of 5 domed shaped structures, each with a height of 8 feet. Each of these domes is uniquely designed such that 24 rooms of the hotels are availed with luxurious amenities despite being supplied with limited electricity, and plumbing lines. The interiors have been given shades of a 19th century farmhouse along with modern luxuries. Located at a height of 5600 feet from sea level, this resort is accessible only by ski or simply by foot.

11. Kelebek Cave Hotel

Kelebek Hotel

Location: Neveshir, Turkey

Another holiday spot for the ones with a taste for the wild, with the unique location that allows for detailed views of the Uchisar and Cavusin cities, this hotel has been carved out as a natural cave! The inner walls and unique arches are perfect testimony of that fact precisely. A total of 31 rooms, in 6 categories, most of the rooms are with their natural chimneys, where as some places have artificial ones. The 6 categories include standard, deluxe, jr. suite, suite, king suite and presidential suites. The bedrooms in these suites have been furnished with items which are hand carved from natural cave settings. The washrooms attached have hamam basins and bathtubs, and the for further open environments, one can always take a stroll in the private gardens attached alongside.

12. Conrad Rangoli Hotel

Conrad Rangoli Hotel

Location: Maldives

It is common knowledge that the country of Maldives is based on a set of islands, and one of their premier hotels follows the similarity in design, with its base on 2 islands and its surrounding virgin reef. The dining facilities include the worlds first under water glass restaurant, before being used a s concept in other hotels. For accommodation, there are 50 water villas, 79 beach villas, and 21 water spa villas, with the facility for specialized treatments. Other beautiful elements include the fountainhead courtyards situated near the transparent garden bathrooms, but special landscaping has ensured that no one can play peeping Tom, and guarantees complete seclusion.

13. Tree-house Hotel

Treehotel in Harads

Location: Harads, Sweden

As a special project by architects Tham + Videgard Hansson Arkitecter, this hotel is located on the trunk of a tree, giving its guests a true aerial view of the wildlife. Comprising of just a single suite, this hotel suite has been engulfed with mirror glass for a complete camouflaging effect of the structure. The windows have been sealed with a special sticker that ensures air flow, but doesn’t allow erratic birds to enter inside. The suite comes with the facilities for 2 people, with a living room, double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and rooftop terrace. As the structure is located at an unusual place, it is accessible only by rope and ladders available from the hotel’s reception.

14. Armani Hotel

Armani Hotel

Location: Dubai

The Armani hotel became famous for numerous reasons, and one of them was being located in the world’s tallest man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa Tower. Spread over multiple floors of the 160 floor tower, the hotel has 160 guest rooms including its suites located on the 38th and 39th floor with restaurants, spa, lounge, chocolate and sweet store, and a floral shop. As the name suggests, the décor and styling of the hotel has been done by renowned designer Georgio Armani, who has also lent his expertise for the first time in this segment of home design. The Burj Khalifa Tower took $1.5 billion to build, with 4 years of building time. The height is known to be so much that it can be noticed from a distance of 85 kms, and if you are looking to get from the ground floor to the top, be ready to undertake the 20 minute journey along the way.

15. San Alfonso del Mar Resort

San Alfonso del Mar Resort

Location: Algarroba, Chile

The San Alfonso Del Mar Resort came to known for it being a location for the world’s largest swimming pool. Sprawled beside this artificial lagoon, over a distance of 1 kilometer, this resort is a known vacation spot for the multiple water sporting events. With a total capacity of around 2.5 million liters of water, this project was built with the aim of recycling oceanic water completely by a patented technology, but without compromising with the comfort of the guests. Accommodation at this resort comes in the form of the pyramid shaped apartments with all modern luxury features in them, giving a true experience of heaven on earth.

16. V8 hotel

V8 Hotel, Stuggart, Germany

Location: Stuggart, Germany

The V8 hotel in Stuggart, Germany is meant to strike a chord amongst all car enthusiasts around the world. With each of 30 suites dedicated to iconic vehicles, it brings car culture closer to vehicle lovers who love anything to do with automobiles, speed and powerful engines. The interiors have been done up with posters and furniture in the shape of these vehicles. The work tables, mini bar and even the beds resemble the cars that they are dedicated to. Also, other amenities include satellite television and internet in each room.

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