World’s most expensive beach apartment sells for $21.5 million
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World’s most expensive beach apartment sells for $21.5 million

World’s most expensive beach apartment sells for $21.5 million

From what has become a world record setting sale, the Penthouse-A sitting atop the Setai South Beach Resort has recently been bought over for a sum of $21.5 million. Originally listed for $27.5 million, the final price was negotiated upon, and yet the records have been broken looking at even the per sq ft rate of $3,704. Spread over an area of 5,803 square dapoxetine buy online usa dapoxetine walmart order dapoxetine Valtrex prescription foot, this condominium property is a multi-storied set up overlooking pristine sceneries of the South beach and Atlantic Ocean. Most views from the apartment’s interior, open up to the beauty on display outside which is something people miss in today’s concrete jungle properties.

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Setai South Beach Resort condominium

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Plan B online cipro 250 uti buy cipro online Setting: Sitting on top of the 40-floor resort, which faces the South beach and Pacific Ocean, this apartment is set on 2-separate storeys and is divided into multiple accommodation areas including the 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, living room, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, walk-in closets, rear patio, and roof top terrace with swimming pool. The most common and rather prominent element of the apartment is the detailed carved woodwork on the doors, ceiling and window frames. Lacquered with a set tone of patterns on the surface, wood has been used to create walls whose height run into double digit feet. The kitchen however, makes use of marble which have also been carved into artistic patterns, for the working station cum sink area. The whole apartment has also been given chandeliers which match the general pattern of the area, enabling them to be an important part of the aesthetic beauty. Since the area we mentioned earlier is known to be large, one can also be assured that the master bedroom along with its attached bath, are almost the size of complete apartments in general. The closet too, is a walk-in version where there are separate shelves for clothing, accessories and even a full sized mirror for changing.

Setai South Beach Resort condominium living space

Accommodation: The main areas of accommodation include the living room, formal dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms with their attached bathrooms, rear patio, and roof top terrace with an elaborate partially open-air seating arrangement. The master bedroom like most others is the single biggest area with its attached bathroom, both of which are equivalent to the size of smaller apartments. The roof top terrace with private pool (pictured bottom most) is also quiet the splendor, which would allow the buyer to either have a private swim, or simply enjoy the view outside in the partially covered sitting area.

Setai South Beach Resort condominium master bedroom

Facts and Figures:

· Though originally listed for $27 million, the current selling price of $21.5 million is itself a world record setting price. Even the per sq foot rate of $3,704 is a record breaker.

· The first owner of the condominium was Netscape founder Jim Clark, who paid $9 million for the place in 2004. dapoxetine online in usa, uk, australia, canada. buy dapoxetine online from official certified pharmacies.

· The 40-storeyed resort, on whose top this property is placed, is owned by the Singapore based GHM Hotels Groups, known for their exotic 5-star properties. online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine online india . approved pharmacy, cheap priligy dapoxetine .

· The total living area of the condominium is 5,803 square feet.

Setai South Beach Resort condominium roof top area

Via: Daily Mail

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