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World’s most expensive Blue Diamond set in a Bulgari ring sold for a record £6.2 million

Andrea Divirgilio / April 25, 2013

In the world of most expensive diamonds, one variety which is sought after by collectors, are the blue diamonds. Some of these have managed to break records during their sale, including the likes of Bulgari $2.9 million blue diamond ring, the Bvlgari vivid blue diamond, and De Beers Millenium Collection diamond. One other such precious blue diamond, happened to the 1965 Bulgari circa ring, which was expected to sell at around $2.3 million at a Bonham’s auction. The diamond has finally been sold, but for a many times the expected price to finally bring in £6.2 million ($9.49 million) at Bonham’s Fine Jewelry sale in London. The price tag also puts the 5.30 blue diamond ring to be the most expensive diamond on a per carat basis. The buyer is known to be Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s best known collector houses of the precious stone.

The unique blue shade of the diamond of this size is known to be rare hence the extra price of the stone

Bulgari has been a favorite of the Hollywood fraternity since the 1960′s when the celebrities took a liking for the Italian designer’s creations. Though this diamond doesn’t have a particular association with Hollywood, but never the less stands as a much cherished collectible for jewelers. The 5.30 carat ‘fancy’ blue diamond has been set in a Trombino ring, which has a whole set of brilliant cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds donning the rest of the ring’s body.

Most expensive blue diamond set in a Bulgari made ring

The term ‘fancy’ associated with the jewel, actually describes the unique intense blue shade, especially when light passes through it. Gemologists say that the reason for it, is the Boron atoms which blend in with the carbon atoms during the formation of the diamond. All these qualities combined have made it the much sought after piece of jewelry, commanding the world record setting price at the auction.

Via: Bonhams

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