World’s most expensive car keys
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World’s most expensive car keys

World’s most expensive car keys

Luxury car keys

For those who drive around in Porsche, Mercedes and Maserati’s, there is more to automotive aristocracy. Besides VIP number plates and custom car accessories, another luxury car accessory trend that is appealing to most expensive car order baclofen online, buy lioresal, baclofen tablets , generic baclofen , order lioresal, buy lioresal online, lioresal online. lovers is custom car keys. Besides car tuners, even the automakers are designing car accessories to match the supercars. Take a look at the bespoke car keys, studded in diamonds, crystals and designed to look like a miniature car.

1) Pagani Huayra key by Horacio Pagani

Pagani Huayra key

Horacio Pagani, the Italian supercar manufacturer, who is planning its debut in the U.S. market with the new $1.1 million Pagani Huayra supercar, and the delivery date is set towards the end of 2013, has designed luxury car key, composed of the same aluminum as used in the wheels on the Huayra. The Pagani key is a miniature model of the vehicle, which splits into two halves, one of which is used in the ignition while the other has a USB stick. (Source: eGarage)

2) Eng-i-Creation’s $7,000 custom key fob

$7k custom Gumpert Apollo car Key

Eng-i-Creation has designed Gumpert Apollo Key, a custom folding key fob for buy Kamagra online about $7,000. The handcrafted key is finished in finest leathers and emebelished with silver and gold.

3) Bespoke Ferarri Car Key

Ferarri Car Key

The house of Camael, London, which has earlier bejeweled, world’s most expensive iPad, costing $1.2 million, continues to serve its discerning clientele with bejeweled products, including the customized ferarri car key. The custom ferrari key is encrusted with 1160 (VVS to flawless) diamonds, with a total diamond weight of purchase lioresal online, order lioresal, lioresal intrathecal, buy baclofen , buy phytinic acid, both cheap lioresal cnnstituents being therapeu- tically active. buy Indocin online 7 carats. You can further customize your key fob in other precious stones, or gold plating of your choice.

4) Bentley Diamond Key from Alexander Amosu

Bentley Diamond Key

Alexander Amosu has designed diamond-studded Bentley continental car keys, with a total of 101 diamonds on the Bentley famous wings. The diamonds weigh 1.09 carats, and the key is boner pills sold in stores, fluoxetine online no prescription lasix without prescriptions overnight! online prozac no prescroption! priced at £5,000 (approximately $7,895). The designer also offers bespoke car keys for Lamborghini, Mercedes and Ferrari as well.

5) Mercedes-Benz Swarovski car keys

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Mercedes-Benz Swarovski car keys

Mercedes-Benz Japan has designed bespoke car keys, studded with Swarovski for its elite clientele. The long sides are both set with crystals, with a choice of pink or black color crystals. Cytotec generic The keys are individually and meticulously handcrafted by Swarovski, and are available in addition to the two standard keys at an additional cost of $515.

And, for those luxury car owners who choose dec 18, 2014 - buy estrace mg estrace no rx is there a generic brand for estrace estrace dosage recommended estrace order online dosage of estrace cream to personalize their car keys just like the ones above, than a German company, called Key Box Factory, offers special boxes to keep your luxury car keys safe and shining.

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