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World’s most expensive car shampoo for luxury cars from Mitchell and King

Andrea Divirgilio / December 12, 2012

Noted for its most luxurious car care products that optimize the majesty of the vehicles they are applied to, and the only establishment that provides car wax individually tailored to your automobile’s requirements, the Scottish specialists in exotic and bespoke car care, holding an exceptional name with the most selective of clientele, Mitchell and King has now launched the world’s most expensive car shampoo. Dubbed as SPA, this completely bespoke car shampoo which is blended using the finest cosmetic ingredients is billed as the ultimate choice for the keen car collector who wishes to enhance the aesthetics and benefit the bodywork of their collector-edition cars. This luxurious bespoke shampoo packed in an engraved crystal decanter is available for $242.

Worlds most expensive car shampoo for luxury cars from Mitchell and King

Notably, the chief artisan and owner, John Robert Phillips Johnstone blends each creation with the clients bespoke choice of fragrances including, Chocolate Truffle, Jelly Beans and Passion Fruit. And, once the fragrance has been applied, the bespoke shampoo is offered within a lead crystal bottle which has a personal engraving of the clients name or their favorite vehicle.

Further, to ensure the safe storage Mitchell and King have had custom, silk lined, timber enclosures to display your bespoke shampoo that impressively utilizes an anti-UV coating which also doubles as an anti-static solution.

Without any synthetic ingredients and being true non-detergent, it’s safe for your paint type whether you own a classic 350 GTO or a modern Enzo.

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Via: Mitchell And King

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