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World’s most expensive car wash uses nano-technology and goes on for a week!

Andrea Divirgilio / July 28, 2011

World's most expensive car wash

The uber-rich have spent much on getting the exotic spa treatments, but sending their vehicles to spa treatments seem to be the latest new craze of auto lovers for their expensive toys. Known as ‘Auto Spa’, this treatment uses the latest in nano-technology, and a host of other process to give the expensive cars a special look and takes a week to finish from start to end. Also, unique feature of the treatment is that no bare human finger ever touches the body of the car to ensure the desired effect.

Though a lot of mystery still surrounds this process, but a few investigations with the company have revealed the use of nanotechnology and application of water, temperature and pressure amongst others. To ensure the greatest detailing, the treatment uses special microscopic cleaners which removes dirt not visible to the eye and the result, as many say, is the car getting a new look altogether. For the interior styling, the upholstery is cleaned 3 times and then allowed to breathe for a day before being given a natural oil rub down for the extra sheen and finishing. As per experts, the general water cleaning in homes and garages leave behind holograms or patches of swell marks which affect the overall look of the car, but this treatment ensures that doesn’t happen by not even allowing a bare human finger to touch the car!

Currently, this exclusive treatment is meant for luxury vehicles like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Mesaratis, Lambhorgini and Jaguars and a majority of the customers are British nationals who have shifted base to Dubai. For those who have the cash to spend on their exclusive automotive masterpieces, Monza stands as a prominent destination to land up for availing the luxury pampering. With the quality on offer, there seems to be no dearth of people lining up at the gates of the Monza company.

Via: Joe/ Automedia

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