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World’s most expensive casket takes it really far with an adjustable headrest, all for $36,400

Andrea Divirgilio / December 30, 2011

If you thought that Michael Jackson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, or Sir Jimmy Savile were crazy for asking to be buried in gold caskets, prepared to be surprised by the $36,400 casket from the Xiao En Centre, which perhaps becomes the most expensive casket in the world. Made with solid mahogany wood, and with velvet cushioned interiors, this last carrier of luxury has been a creation from the United States, but would be used at Xiao En Center, in Kuala Lumpur, for those who wish to indulge on their last journey.

Nilai Memorial Park and the solid mahogany wood casket

Like most furniture of luxurious fabrics, this casket has also been given that special touch with the use of mahogany wood, with the perfectly smooth finishing, and intricate artwork on the sides. On the inside, there is the dark maroon colored velvet bedding, with special fixtures to allow for an adjustable headrest. While it all sounds like luxurious furniture, it is none the less meant for one’s last journey, should the relatives or person himself/herself think of indulging in a $36,400 casket. For those that may like to bury with eco-friendly accessories, The Xiao En Center provides for a variety of urns which are not just equally artistic, but cause little or no harm to nature.

When it comes to the core idea of the funeral home with aesthetic equipment and services, the seed lies with the now Managing Director of the Datuk Frank Choo Chuo Siong, who during his early years had witnessed the commotion during the last rights of many of his relatives. Since he had noticed the improper state of services, he decided to create an enterprise where people can pay their loved ones their respect, and also fulfill any of their last wishes for being laid to rest forever. Hence, he created an entire columbarium (the Nilai Memorial Park) with networking in the United States, from where the especially made caskets are flown in, like the one mentioned above. Though there are options for even cheaper versions as a part of the selection, but this casket will sure be on the wish list of the uber-rich and famous who would like to laid to rest in style.

Via: Asia Online

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