World’s most expensive cheese platter costs $3,200
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World’s most expensive cheese platter costs $3,200

World’s most expensive cheese platter costs $3,200

If you love cheese then you probably known about the most expensive cheese varieties of Swedish moose cheese made from the milk of moose cows and Pule, cheese made from donkey milk. But if you are looking for an artisanal cheese experience then you will be surprised to know how much a pure-cheese experience can set you back. The world’s most expensive cheese platter unveiled at Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show in Somerset costs $3,200. The extravagant cheese platter features 8 cheese varieties including made-to-order Serbian donkey cheese, a goat’s cheese matured inside brown chestnut leaves, fancy gold-flecked cheddar and white French truffles. The most expensive cheese platter was showcased on buy estrace online, buy estrace cream cheap, buy ethinyl estradiol uk. purchase estradiol implants cost estradiol patch estradiol valerate 4mg buy depo Order Prozac a befitting silver tray amongst the best cheese from around the world.

Most expensive cheese platter

Vintage cheese with gold leafs

The $3,200 cost includes silver cheese tray worth almost £600, a handcrafted wooden cheese board costing £120, a £445 solid silver cheese knife, a French Brie with truffles sold at a whopping £52 per kilo, the gold leaf Vintage Cheddar from Somerset’s Wyke Farms, which costs £252 per kilogram, £32 of ash-encrusted goats’ cheese and £10 artisan Swedish crispbread. The cheese varieties include - Abbaye de Belloc, made from the milk of red-nosed Manech ewes sheep, traditionally made by Benedictine monks in the Pays Basque region of France. The unpasteurized cheese sells at £44 per kilogram. Bosworth Goats’ Cheese made by Highfields Farm Dairy in Tamworth, Staffordshire at £8.95 for 200g, The Banon, cheese made from unpasteurised goats’ milk and matured inside brown chestnut leaves, selling for around £7.95 for 100g.

Serbian Pule Cheese

The most expensive cheese in the platter is the made-to-order Serbian cheese derived from donkey milk in the Zasavica reserve north of Belgrade, Serbia. What makes it rare and is the fact that it requires over 25 litres of donkey milk for just one kilogram of the cheese. And, because donkeys produce very little milk, the milk is collected from 100 Balkan donkeys living cheap Viagra Gold in the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve. The Pule cheese even got its name “Pule” from the animals, as “pule” is is the Serbian word for foal. The Pule cheese is also low on milk-fat.

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Expensive Cheese

Surprisingly, the platter doesn’t features any of the other 2 variety of the most expensive cheese including the moose cheese, which is made from the milk of three moose cows, named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna., and the process of making this online perscription for baclofen canadian pharmacy baclofen baton rouge baclofen a bon compte achat buy baclofen saturday delivery buy baclofen online buy priligy in malaysia . dapoxetine 30mg side effects ricetta does non prescription viagra work administracion where to buy dapoxetine hydrochloride. uk most expensive cheese takes about 2 hours per animal only between the months of May and September and costs $500/ pound, Cheese Caciocavallo Podolico made from the horse milk and costs $650 per pound.

The Chairman Cheap metoclopramide of the Global Cheese Awards Nigel Pooley isn’t expecting a rush of takers for the most expensive cheese platter, but we have earlier seen that connoisseurs don’t mind splurging on the world's most expensive food and delicacies to go with their most expensive wines.

The most expensive cheese delicacies we have earlier apr 6, 2014 - order baclofen at discounts - purchase baclofen safely. cheap baclofen tablets 10mg baclofen store can buy cheap generic baclofen uk told you includes the world’s most expensive cheese sandwich priced at £111 and the most expensive cheese toast that sells for £345.

Via: DailyMail

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