World’s most expensive Christmas dinner for a group of four will cost $200,450
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World’s most expensive Christmas dinner for a group of four will cost $200,450

World’s most expensive Christmas dinner for a group of four will cost $200,450

One of London’s rising stars of the restaurant scene, the Head chef at John Salt London, Ben Spalding who has got an extensive kitchen employment and Stagiere experience in over 12 Michelin starred kitchens over 4 countries, will now be using some of the finest ingredients on earth to offer what is said to be the world’s most ultimate and expensive Christmas dinner. Costing $200,450, this four course festive meal for four will be just the ultimate culinary experience for the festive season. Known for his alternative approach to order Topamax on line fine dining, Ben Spalding and his team on the Christmas Eve will create this memorable, one-off luxurious feast for diners at their home. Notably, Ben will be donating 80% of his fee to Cancer Research UK and Hospitality Action.

World's most expensive Christmas dinner for a group of four will cost $200,450

World's most expensive Christmas dinner for a group of four will cost $200,450

First Course:-

The exclusive four diners’ will relish a $59,340 bottle of champagne that notably pre-dates WW I which will be served in diamond studded champagne flutes. And, this will be done before Almas caviar, the world’s most expensive fish eggs, and 150 year old balsamic vinegar, are served as part of the first course.

Second Course:-

Diners’ will prozac 10 mg for pmdd prozac withdrawal 6 weeks fluoxetine 20 mg for pms 200 mg overdose prozac without food. prozac online pharmacy uk 60 mg ocd be served $4,010 Yubari King, the world’s most expensive melon from China, which will be accompanied by whole white truffle and saffron.

Third Course:-

And for the third course, the traditional Christmas turkey has been given a special makeover with the usage of Dodine of rare breed turkey with Wagyu beef generic amoxil 500 mg amoxil online amoxil generic fillet and heart. This highlight of the expensive Christmas feast comes wrapped in edible 50 carat gold leaf, further sprinkled with Akbari Pistachios.

Fourth Course:-

This last meal will be served in a gold Ugandan vanilla plate. The desert dish includes whipped Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee produced with beans of coffee berries which are naturally fermented through Asial Palm Civet Cat’s digestive system and Densuke watermelon, a seedless fruit grown only on Hokkaido Island, Japan.

Other Ingredients cialis online - generic cialis you can start repeated sexual intercourse at once with the help of cialis. however, the action of the drug will be noticeable only at ... include:-

Diva Vodka - £2,000
Piper Heidsieck 1907 Champagne - £37,000
Dry ice - £180
Pata Negra Iberico jambon - £600
Birds Nest - £100
Almas Caviar - £5,000
150 year old balsamic - £1,030
Whole White Alba truffle - £3,500
Pullet de bresse’s for stock - £2,500
Saffron stock - £500
Yubari King melon - £2,500
Dodine of rare breed turkey - £500
Wagyu beef - £4,500
Gold leaf - £6,000
Periogord truffles - £900
Akbari pistachios - £5,000
Kopi Luwak - £3,000
Amadei chocolate - £150
Densuke watermelon - £2,600
Gold Ugandan vanilla plate - £1,500
1949 Cheval Blanc - £4,680
1988 Corton-Charlemagne, Coche-Dury - £1,390
1959 La Tache - £5,400
1976 Chateau d'Yquem - £990

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At $200,450, this is the second most expensive dinner spread, we have earlier also told you about Bangkok’s five-star Lebua Hotel's sumptuous spread that costs $300,000 per person. The super rich diners will devour a Zithromax to sale ten-course feast prepared by Michelin-starred chefs.

Earlier a posh central London curry house Bombay Brasserie has earlier cooked up the generic Retin-A world's most expensive curry at £2,000, The Samundari Khazana, or Seafood Treasure, which offers a mix of Beluga caviar, sea snails, a whole lobster and edible gold.

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