World’s most expensive first date package includes a 24hrs Sunseeker yacht service: Price $52,656
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World’s most expensive first date package includes a 24hrs Sunseeker yacht service: Price $52,656

World’s most expensive first date package includes a 24hrs Sunseeker yacht service: Price $52,656

Most of us had our first dates during the later years at high school or even during college. But for those who are late starters in the scene, or would want to make the first date a really special doxycycline dosage cats uri doxycycline monohydrate vs hyclate price purchase doxycycline Buy Sildenafil could opt for the Amazing Retreats Spitbank Fort package, which is now being pegged as the world’s most expensive first date package. Located near the bay area of Portsmouth, UK, the grade II monument, Spitbank Fort offers complete privacy, as well as perks like the 60m Sunseeker luxury yacht for 24 hours, to ensure that your special date remains embedded in memory for times to come.

60m Sun Seeker yacht top view

Beginning with the procedures, there would be a chauffeur driven Benltey to pick you and your date from your door, and take you to the Royal Clarence Marina in Gosport, Portsmouth. From there you will then be welcomed on board by your designated General Manager, with glasses of rare champagne. You will then have the 60m long luxury yacht Sun Seeker to your disposal, buy Lamisil prednisone online overnight, cheapest prednisone uk , purchase deltasone no prescription needed prednisone , where can iget prednisone 10 mg pills,  which will then embark on your destination of Fort Spitbank (pictured below), which will offer even more splendors amidst complete privacy, and breathtaking views. The fort which is known to be created during the time of Napolean, and is now renovated with modern amenities such as swimming pool and spa (artist’s illustration bottom most) will be at your disposal whenever you wish to use them. In the spa, there will be a dedicated trained masseur, whose exotic treatments will ensure that your daily tensions are whisked away, whereas you and your date can enjoy yourselves to the fullest. When the day draws to a close, you could have a chef preparing gourmet dishes for the evening, which you can enjoy overlooking the bay area or anywhere inside. Should sleep draw you in, there are 8 bedrooms in the fort to choose from.

Spitbank Fort views

Next morning, be assured of a healthy and varied breakfast in your bedroom, or the formal dining room. When the first Naltrexone no prescription meal of the day gets over, you will then have to embark on your journey back to mainland with your date, in the Sunseeker yacht that bought you to the fort. You will then be seen off with your date by the General Manager, who will also present you with a couple of £500 ($775) gift vouchers, which will allow you to shop for any accessories you, may like. The total package would however cost you £34,000 ($52,656).

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Via: LTM/ Amazing Retreats

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