World’s most expensive engagement rings
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World’s most expensive engagement rings

World’s most expensive engagement rings

Getting engaged is a very special moment in a person’s life, and fortunate beings make it a highlight by presenting their beloved ladies with high-priced engagement rings, boasting their affluent status. Every now and then, we see some of the world’s most expensive engagement rings, made with some of the precious gemstones. Here we have compiled some of the most expensive engagement rings owned by celebrities and royal figures. Read on:-

World's most expensive rings

1. Beyonce's engagement ring


Price:$ 5 million

Jay Z known for his extravagant lifestyle, opened his heart out as he sought the consent of Beyonce. He presented her a 20 carat ring on the engagement. We were bedazzled with the shine of the 18 carat diamond that formed its center.

2. Paris Hilton's engagement ring

Paris Hilton

Price: $4.7 million

Paris Hilton is more famous for her off screen media engulfing attributes than on screen excellence. Her engagement ring was also popular in the media. Paris Latsis gifted his lady love a big fat engagement ring, studded with 24 carat diamonds. With a price tag of $4.7 million, Hilton babe found it too bulky initially and later got a simplified version from Cartier.

3. Melania Knauss's engagement ring

Melania Knauss

Price: $2million

This belle had a wedding that was flaunt of riches. Gifted by Donald Trump, Melania Knauss engagement ring is described to be a Graff diamond ring, quite famous as “The lord of the rings”. Priced at $2million, it was the lord in the true sense as the choicest diamonds were incorporated in its making.

4. Kim Kardashian's engagement ring


Price: $2 million

The giant diamond engagement ring of Kim comes second on our list. Kris lovingly voted for the bling of her beloved in place of money, and spent $2 million to get an engagement ring for gorgeous Kim Kardashian. However, the most ridiculous part is that the marriage hit the rocks only after 75 days of nuptial, and Kim is simply not prepared to disown it. She is too modest to offer the original sum of the same to Kris, so that there is no claim on it in future.

5. World’s most expensive engagement ring

World's most expensive engagement ring

Price:$ 1.83 million

DeBeers launched a dear wedding ring, which will remain an unattainable dream for majority of us because of its price of $1.83 million. It has a shiny platinum body with eye catching 9 carat diamond at the center.

6. Jacqueline Kennedy's engagement Ring


Price: $1.5 million

The aesthetics of engagement ring of Jacqueline Bouvier was outstanding by virtue of its tapered baguette emerald at the center, which was mounted beside a 2.88 carat clear shimmer. Numerous smaller diamonds adorned the surface further. Senator John F. Kennedy spent a burning fortune for his beloved lady.

7. Jennifer Lo's engagement Ring

J Lo

Price: $1.2 million

Jennifer Lopez has made her entry in this list of dear engagement ring with her pricey one gifted by her once husband, Ben Affleck. The ring featured a 6.1 carat pink, reflecting the lady’s love for the shade. In year 2002, the ring was priced $1.2 million, and one can assume its market value now.

8. Catherine Zeta Jones's engagement Ring

Catherine Zeta Jones

Price: $ 1 million

This 10 carat monster diamond studded Fred Leighton creation that flickered on the ringer finger of Catherine, was enigmatic. It featured 28 miniature shimmers encircling the giant one at center. Reports are that Michael Douglas spent a slice of his fortune for this $1,million engagement ring.

9. Jennifer Aniston's giant 10 carats engagement ring from Justin Theroux

Price: $1 million

Jennifer Aniston's giant 10 carats engagement ring from Justin Theroux

American actor, director and screenwriter best known for his work with director David Lynch, the handsome ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’ actor Justin Theroux has gifted his fiancée Jennifer Aniston a giant engagement ring. The 43-years-old gorgeous Brad Pitt’s ex-wife gave the glimpse of the ring, believed to be 10 carats and worth $1 million, while she was caressing her fiancé’s face. Jennifer who divorced Brad Pitt in year 2005 is expected to be over moon about her second chance at a happy marriage with her love of more than a year and half. Also, the engaged duo’s $21 million mammoth Bel Air mansion ‘love nest’ is under construction, and it’s expected to be absolutely complete by the time the couple get married.

Jennifer Aniston's giant 10 carats engagement ring from Justin Theroux

10. Angelina Jolie's engagement Ring

Angelina Jolie


Recently, when Angelina Jolie showed off her $1 million engagement ring, it generated as much hype as the news that the couple are finally getting hitched. This dazzling engagement ring is the result of none other than the man himself, Brad Pitt who has designed the ring in collaboration with Beverly Hill based jeweler, Robert Procop. With each diamond of the highest gem quality and the side diamonds specially cut to encircle her finger, the ring costs a staggering $250,000.

11. Helle Berry's engagement Ring

Helle Berry

Price: $200,000

The design concept and streaming price tag of Halle Berry needs hats off too. A 4 carat bright green emerald adorned its center, while the base features pure gold, forged according to the style of the rich Phoenician tradition. The codes and symbols etched on its body in place of conventional motifs, makes it unique. The jeweler, Oliver Martinez remarks that is depicted the love story of the couples only they could decipher!

12. Jessica Simpson’s engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson's Ruby Ring

Price: $100,000

A dear Neil Lane creation has been spotted on the ring finger of Jessica Simpson recently. It is one of the nontraditional engagement rings created by the renowned brand. It certainly made the rendezvous of Jessica with her five month’s beau, Eric Johnson. If not the design, its price tag of $100,000 is definitely the agent that created all the news.

13. Britney Spears engagement Ring


Price: $ 92,000

This lady might have record number of marriages and divorces, but that has hardly anything to do with the price tag of her engagement ring. Britney Spears is on our list with her dear possession from her husband-to-be, Jason Trawick! This pricey ornate wedding ring features a giant 4 carat central shimmer with a glittery band along with diamonds pronged all over the platinum surface. Priced at $92,000, Jason excitement over his much coveted marriage with Britney is quite prevalent.

14. Drew Barrymore’s engagement Ring


Price: $80,000

The colorless, radiant cut diamond studded ring that shone on the ring finger of Drew Barymore confirmed the news of her recent engagement with Will Kopelman, the fortunate offspring of mogul Arie Kopelman. Reports reveal that Will spent $80,000 on this engagement ring.

15. Victoria Beckham's engagement Ring


Price: $65000

Victoria Beckham shined on her wedding with the sparkle of her high priced wedding ring. The ring boasts a pear cut diamond at the center, along with the brilliant cut diamonds adorning its surface creates a perfect harmony with the rich appeal.

16. Kate Middleton's engagement Ring


Price: $ 50,000

Whatever Kate Middleton does or wears fascinates everyone, and just like her wedding dress, Prince William's engagement ring for Kate Middleton is made of oval blue of sapphire, fringed with a series of as many as 14 tiny diamonds impressed everyone. The same 18-carat ring was worn by late Princess Diana on her D-day. The royal engagement ring costs .

17. Nicole Kidman's engagement Ring


Price: $45,000

Keith Urban gifted his beautiful wife to be, Nicole Kidman a Cartier engagement ring. While the price of the jewelry was definitely the talk of the town, its simple antique design also added elegance to it. Its an antique style three stone engagement ring set with round brilliant center diamonds, and her wedding band is said to be Cartier eternity band.

18. Cheryl Cole's engagement Ring

Cheryl Cole

Price: $13,953

Cheryl flaunted a costly Tiffany on her D-day. The beautiful piece of jewelry had a characteristic cushion-cut and surrounded by a series of mini sparklers.

Tamara Ecclestone's Engagement Ring

Tamara Ecclestone's Engagement Ring

F1 supremo Bernie’s daughter Tamara Ecclestone who was devastated after dumping her lover Omar Khyami of over two years after a sleazy sex tape of him surfaced, is now again in love. As the billionaire heiress who has almost everything now got one more to show off proudly, that is a large diamond set ring which is thought to be her latest engagement ring given by fiancé Jay Rutland. The 28-year old Tamara Ecclestone’s expensive rock notably appeared to be split into four jagged cut sections and looked a little like a flower. However, there were no signs of her new fiancé whom she recently holidayed with in Dubai.

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