World’s most expensive engagement rings
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World’s most expensive engagement rings

4.Grace Kelly $4.06 million

4   Grace Kelly was given a 10.47 emerald-cut diamond that is centered between two diamond baguettes. Prince Rainier purchased the ring from Cartier and it is currently valued at $4.06 million.

3.Paris Hilton $4.7 million

3 Paris Hilton was given an engagement ring by Paris Latsis that was so big she said it hurt her hand to wear it. The ring was made out of 24-karat white gold and featured a rectangular diamond in the center between two triangular baguettes. After the couple broke up Paris Hilton auctioned the ring to help victims of Katrina and it is currently valued at $4.7 million.

2.Beyoncé $5 million

2 While many people would think that Beyoncé's engagement ring would be number one it actually comes in second. The ring Jay Z picked is a flawless 18-carat diamond that is octagon-cut and set in platinum. The quality of the diamond is so good that it has been certified as an exceptional, premium stone. The ring's value is $5 million.
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