World’s most expensive faucets
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World’s most expensive faucets

World’s most expensive faucets

Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the modern kitchen and bathroom faucets are designed especially for the utmost convenience of the users. For the ones who desire to take the lead, these lustrous and feature-packed faucets are surely a great way to begin. We have seen a range of luxury faucets in the past and here we are with the best of them. Hit the jump to see our picks for the world's most expensive faucets that scream luxury.

Oz Diamond Edition Faucet

Architect Nilo Gioacchini’s Oz collection faucet has been tweaked to the max by Master of goldsmith’s art Professor Alberto Cotogno, winner of the International jewel Oscar. The luxurious faucet is completely made in gold and is mounted with 282 natural diamonds for a total carat weight of 10.24.

Glamour range by Fir Italia

These luxurious faucets are made all the more covetable with the use of sparkling Swarovski crystals. The Glamour Classic is rendered in precious metal finishes such as chrome, nickel, silver nickel, bronze, gold, gold glam and antique gold.

Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet

The stainless steel Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen to buy female viagra online without a prescription here 100mg, at a low price. faucet utilizes carbon fiber for extra strength and less weight, while staying within the bounds of the design. It also has two spray modes. You can be in complete command with this hands-free faucet, as it won’t be in your way when you don’t need it. With a modern, textured user-friendly surface, this faucet is finished in gleaming polished chrome.

Swarovski-studded X-Sense faucets

The new X-Sense Limited Edition gold faucets from Newform are festooned with embedded Swarovski crystals. The sparkle of the precious stones complements perfectly the gold finish of the taps. The X-Sense Limited Edition faucet is a sensation thing to buy for those who are pretty serious about making an everlasting impression.

Flexible Faucet from Paini

The Hybrid flexible faucet by checked pharmacy! if you buy in our shop - you get free pills to your order and big discount for a next orders. order baclofen online no prescription. cheap Paini helps direct the spray where you need it to be. It also even features a LED illuminating dial that changes according to the temperature of the water. It’s red when hot and blue when it’s cold.

SmartFaucet by iHouse

Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the SmartFaucet by iHouse brings the utmost convenience. Using a facial screening application, the iHouse Smart Faucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to the preferred temperature and flow. The touchscreen on the top of the faucet can be used to access email, check your calendar, check the outside temperature, among other things.

Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet

Miscea’s new generation Sensor Activated Faucet/dispenser gives you not only water but also soap and a choice of disinfectant/lotion without touching the faucet. Designed by Mathis Heller, WeLL Design, the MISCEA is made of stainless steel and its elegant design is accentuated by the interactive user interface. The faucet’s head is made of laser engraved glass with LED lighting so when you point your hand to the control sensors, the indicated section will get activated. The hi-tech faucet even allows for motion controlled adjustment of water temperature.

X-Touch Mixer Faucet

The X-Touch from Newform Italy trades analog knobs or levers for buttons so you can regulate exactly what temperature the water is. It Diflucan cheap has a digital readout to show you the temperature.

Zaha Hadid Faucet

Inspired by the fluidity of water itself, the Zaha Hadid faucet from Triflow Concepts creates continuous flow from source to drain. This faucet includes both a metallic color and a ceramic core.

Elettronico electronic faucet from FIMA - Carlo Frattini

Geeks would love to own this one. A touchscreen panel on the Frattini electronic faucet controls the amount of water dispersion, desired temperature and even the flow of other faucets in the house.

Inta diamond studded faucet

We had gone bonkers for the Year of the dragon, but the story doesn’t end here when it comes to the year 2012. After the hoopla regarding the mythical Chinese animal and the special year has been rubbed in, the British royalty have a lot coming for them, especially in the space of home décor, and more specifically, bathroom décor. Inta has created a diamond studded faucet to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth 60 years on the throne of the British Empire. This also coincides with the 10 years of operations for the company, after which they ended up creating a tap, which might be the most luxurious in the world today. Cynthia Fisher, who has been the brain behind this bejeweled bathroom fitting, has left no stone unturned to make this one truly special. In the ornamentation and blinging of the faucet, there have been 10 heirloom quality 10-carat diamonds which sit at the center of the fitting. Along the sides there are 50 quarter carat diamonds, which gives the whole set a shimmering and truly royal appearance. This is something that could definitely make it to the next shopping list of Her Majesty, and perhaps even some of the fashionistas who are known to flash their cash around. But as the folks from company are putting it, this faucet will only be befitting for those who have a taste for something this extravagant, and yet very classically aesthetic. Obviously with a price tag of $47,600 its not even targeted at the millionaires.

Spatial Interaction faucet

We have seen beauty, glamour and Feng-Shui in kitchen spaces to fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions, however, a prototype designed by Jasper Dekker intends to add a magical spell through his buy cialis in the uk, buy cialis uk blog. pill shop, lowest price guaranteed!. Spatial Interaction faucet. Designed with the goal to add hygiene in your kitchen, Jasper Dekker has integrated touchless interaction in this kitchen tap that reacts to meaningful gestures to control water flow, like cold water, hot water, multi-stream water flow (shower-like flow) or a single-stream water flow.

VADO v-touch faucet with touchscreen controls

Improved technology has been at the core of new bathroom fixtures for a long time now. The plain bath fixtures have now given way to smart faucets that offer dramatic silhouettes and cutting edge technology for utmost convenience. Now, VADO has unveiled its latest v-touch basin mixer that works on touchscreen technology. The v-touch basin mixer features a touch pad to change the water flow and thermostatically-controlled temperature which is reflected in the digital display. The red and blue dots and numbers subtly glow through the white Tecnoril material and are easily visible. The sleek curves of the white body are complemented with a matte black spout arcing through the body. Besides this digital faucet, VADO has plans to expand its collection with the latest in digital showering and wall mounted spout options for the basin and bath later in the year.

Swan Faucet

Most of us think that it’s a bit hard to find luxuries that suit the daily chores of our life, but the Swan Faucet with its elegant aesthetics and simple technology offers the utmost convenience in a graceful manner. Designed specifically for the modern country order Propranolol online club, particularly for the club's dining or ballroom restrooms, the Swan Faucet is skillfully sculpted in organic curves of a swan to make the water flow down its neck. The water flow is activated with a simple tap on the faucet’s head and a tilt of the spout determines the stronger water pressure and also allows the user to control water temperature by turning the water head to the left or the right. Besides adding a luxury touch to your bath space, the Swan Faucet’s form and functionality is bound to attract admiring comments.

Shark touchscreen faucet by ST Rubinetterie

Touchscreen technology is making life simpler even if it’s in the bathroom. We have seen the best of hi-tech faucets in the past with touchscreen panels. The latest is the eco-friendly Shark faucet by Italian bathroom brand cheap Brand Viagra ST Rubinetterie. The Shark faucet designed by Simone Micheli features a minimalist faucet design with touchscreen controls on the top itself for utmost convenience. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability at the moment.

High-tech Nomos faucet

The Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini is here to impress us the homeowners with the Nomos faucet. The high-end kitchen mixer offers a perfect mix of form and functionality for the utmost convenience of the users. The mixer allows the users to cost of advair diskus 100 50 advair diskus 250 50 generic name order Flonase adjust water quantity, pressure and temperature. Moreover, it alerts you of malfunctioning (system malfunctions or leaks). The touchscreen with big graphic icons help you manage the flow and other things easily. If you are planning to swap your lacklustered and outdated faucet, the Nomos faucet by Fima Carlo Frattini is definitely worth consideration.

Swarovski-studded Brick Chic faucets by Fima

Fima - Carlo Frattini's Brick Chic is a furnishing element that creates an attractive and elegant statement, which ensures your bathroom is as glamorous as you are. Brilliant creativity, cutting-edge design and continuous research has enabled the firm to create this collection that ingeniously combines a refined design with high-quality components and care for details with the preciousness of the original Strass Swarovski Crystal. The diamond-style cut and the special facets introduce a new harmony into the environment, making it alive and buy viagra, fda approved pharmacy, lowest prices!! for best prices for viagra glittering. The astonishing shine creates a stunning play of lines and reflections, in an unusual balance of light and shade, thanks to its unique transparency and high refractive index. Made from chrome plated brass, the Brick Chic faucet is equally beautiful and delivers a smooth jet of water, which evokes the beauty of a natural waterfall. Compact, long-lasting and self-cleaning, the Brick Chic taps come with a Safety Function, designed to avoid unpleasant burns and increase energy savings, thanks to a high-temperature and water-flow limit stop. If you are looking for a classy piece of furnishing that’s capable of stirring shimmering emotions, the Brick Chic from Fima is the thing.

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