The world’s most expensive fitted kitchen
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The world’s most expensive fitted kitchen

The world’s most expensive fitted kitchen

World’s most expensive fitted kitchen design by Marazzi Design

A house is the mirror of one’s status and for opulent class every nook and corner of house has to be just classy. Since kitchen plays an important role, especially when order Aciclovir online you are residing in one of the world’s most expensive house, it too, is expected to be grand and perfect. Therefore, to give your kitchen a rich feel, designer Paul Marazzi’s design house Marazzi Design has created the world’s most expensive fitted kitchen.

London-based kitchen designer disclosed its world famous kitchen design known as Colosseo Oro kitchen. The world’s most expensive buy Valtrex online 10 nov 2013 ... perforated models specifically explosion models name buy cialis online in 1984, kitchen was revealed at the trade show in Earls Court, London. This design is limited to only 10 units as it’s a limited edition design and costs whopping $463,625. Apart from the luxurious fitting, the kitchen comes with the basic roof, front door and walls.

What makes this kitchen world’s most expensive:

  • 24 carat gold leafing
  • Metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances
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  • Crocodile embossed leather finish
  • Venetian ink- stained gold glass
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  • Swarovski crystal lights in entire kitchen

World’s most expensive kitchen design by Marazzi Design

The cupboards and the surface are finished by hand applied 12 coats of clear lacquer adorned 3 days ago - not accept responsibility for drug administration is estrace 2mg price. among other buy estrace online canada no prescription buy estrace with glitter to give the kitchen an opulent feel. The kitchen is equipped with some of the most expensive appliances like mirrored steel max-fired oven hood that alone costs $12,361.6, the tap costs $9,271.2 that is designed by well known designer Zaha Hadid, Gordon Ramsay's two-tonne Rorgue cooker that costs $10,3575 and other expensive appliances together cost $84,986.

According to the designer’s representative,

The target market is confident social food lovers in the top end of the market who like to entertain and make a statement, I feel a kitchen should have a soul and presence, transforming the room into an emotional experience, a celebration of family life and convivial living, transcending the kitchen into the heart and soul of the home.

Further, if you are looking for a non-conventional kitchen decor you may also check out cheap Toradol the Ferrari kitchen.

Via: Marazzi/Guardian buy zyban india order zyban

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