World’s most expensive Flip Flops for $18,000 a pair
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World’s most expensive Flip Flops for $18,000 a pair

World’s most expensive Flip Flops for $18,000 a pair

Most expensive flip flops

Flip flops are generally not very expensive and are a perfect footwear during summers. The flip flops are a traditional Japanese concept and were introduced to the west in 1950’s. Some flip flops are made of non conventional materials that make them very expensive and exclusive. Below are the amoxicillin generic – amoxil online generic name for amoxil uk; no prescription amoxicillin – amoxicillin without prescription buy amoxil online canada; amoxil world’s most expensive flip flops:

1. Chipko Flip flops

Most expensive flip flops

Price : $ 18,000

For the brand conscious people who purchase Naltrexone are not ready to settle below the world’s most expensive footwear, here is some news and a reason for them to splurge on world’s most expensive flip flops by Chipkos that costs whopping $18,000.

These flip flops are hand painted by a renowned Los Angeles contemporary artist, weaning off forum how much does , cost without insurance price cvs one how long to get in system can wear off vs zoloft reviews high off and trying to get  David Palmer who says “The work is inspired by nature, and language, and the invisible connections between things, I create images that reflect my fascination with an increasingly complex world.”

This one of a kind collector’s vardenfil online piece will protect 100,000 square feet of rain forest land, rare species and natural resources. The work has been appreciated by the eco frinedly people across the globe. The Executive Director of SaveNature.Org, Norm Gershenz stated;

"Like adding land to Yosemite, buy viagra online - 24h online support. absolute privacy. worldwide delivery (1-3 days). get free pills (viagra - cialis - levitra). friendly support and best offers! each sandal purchase expands a Costa Rican national park by one hundred square feet, thereby protecting the habitat, species and resources within that land area in perpetuity."

The flip flops are adorned by hand-made 6 grams 18 carat solid gold Chipkos' emblem by Readers Fine Jewelers in Santa Monica and is packed in Mahogany wood and glass display case. The sandals are available in men’s size 8/9 and are inspired from original Indian Kolhapuri style intended to break the change in cliché styles of flip flops. The design is unconventional and can be worn casually with any attire.

2. H. Stern Flip flops

World's Most Expensive Flip Flops boast $18,000 a pair

Price: $17,000

The second most expensive flip flops in the list features 1,500 atarax 10 mg tabletas precio hydroxyzine pamoate 50 mg effects atarax ... stop using atarax and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as... buy atarax online gold feathers and diamond accessories and are designed by H. Stern. The designer is a jeweler, hence he made such an exclusive pair adorned with diamonds and gold, but created only one unit as he knew that he would not receive further orders.

3. Crystalishious flip flops

Desinger Flip Flops

Price: $1,800

Covered with crystals, these flip flops are made by Crystalishious and is a product of Clothier Electric Couture. These shimmery flip flops are based on rock n roll theme and are decorated with winged hearts, guitars and a slogan. This pair costs dapoxetine cialis dapoxetine india generic dapoxetine cool $1,800.

4. Peche Platinum flip flops

Most expensive flip flops

Price: $400

These crocodile flip flops are for buy isotretinoin online the people who are looking for a less pricey substitute. These flip flops are made by using patent-pending technology and hand-matched crocodile straps that give a wearer the maximum comfort..

Via: Chipkos/PR News Wire

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