World’s most expensive holiday sold to a Chinese man costing $1.5 million
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World’s most expensive holiday sold to a Chinese man costing $1.5 million

World’s most expensive holiday sold to a Chinese man costing $1.5 million

Like most things flashy about the rich, their holiday packages seem to be grabbing the headline for the amount they cost, and also the exotic factor such as location, and exclusive access for them and their entourage. Earlier last year, we had seen the Four Seasons' $1 million island vacation package, apart from custom travel package to the British Royal family vacation spots, and the Tokyo Hotels' Christmas packages in 2011, which were all exclusive and pricey at the same time. Now a Chinese man has got himself a $1.5 million VeryFirstTo holiday package, making it the world's most expensive package of it's kind. Lasting 2 years and covering over 962 locations across the globe at UNESCO World heritage sites, this vacation is perhaps the biggest break the anonymous bidder has managed to get himself, for a continuous period.

The Forbidden City Wall in China

Hurlingham Travel is the company that will be managing the trip won by this Chinese individual recently. As mentioned earlier, this package will gain fame just for including some of the most sought after venues in the world for taking a vacation, including Taj Mahal in India, The Forbidden City in China, The Church of the Spilled Blood in Russia, the Al-Dier monastery of Jordan, Grand Canyon National Park in the US, and the Machu Picchu in Peru.

The Taj Mahal in India

However, this won't be without a list of sought after hotels around the world to take the breaks in. That list includes names like Sandy Lane in Barbados, Hotel George V in Paris, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, Cipriani Hotel in Venice, and The Ritz Carlton in Moscow. These sites and locations were reportedly chosen after a detailed procedure, and the criterion being that they can be reached via business class aircrafts, and be safe on the security front.

Church of the Spilled Blood in Russia

The 2 year old vacation has been created by the site, and they certainly didn't expect it to have a contender to go on board so early. The candidate, a PHD scholar has now signed the dotted line to go on the trip, and word has it that another Italian industrialist could very soon be another candidature to take up the offer. This is how one defines a truly long and luxurious tour of the world's premier tourist destinations.

Al-Dier Monastery of Petra in Jordan

Via: Guardian UK/ VeryFirstTo

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