World’s most expensive hot dog priced at $1501
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World’s most expensive hot dog priced at $1501

World’s most expensive hot dog priced at $1501

World's most expensive hot dog priced at $1501

If you find a dozen ways of earning bucks, then the world and his wife are ready with hundred more ways to break the bank! Or so it seems. Dresses, cars, gems- we have seen fetch thousands of dollars, and in a surprising new revelation, hot dogs, too, appear to have entered the bandwagon. Cherished and loved by gourmands around the world as one of the most delicious mid-day meals, the hot dog has off late started acting pricey. We ran a story on the $2000

And so, let us all get down to the next obvious question. How come a piece of hot dog flaunts such an outrageous price tag? The quarter pound all beef beauty, dubbed theOnedog, is topped with an amazing combination of gold flakes, lobster tail and saffron aioli. The saffron and lobster tail, according to Juliano, are expensive spices. Available in a $66 pouch, Juliano prepared the aioli out of them. The edible gold flakes were used to garnish the breathtakingly high priced snack. “It's just like a surf and turf theme. It's delicious” Juliano quipped.

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Weird as it may sound, Juliano’s idea is actually underlined by a great cause- raising money for the homeless. The idea came to Juliano a month or so ago, followed by a random tweeting session. Bids flew left, right and center and within an hour, the prices had shot up to $1500. For the one dollar addition, which makes the hot dog worth $1501, Juliano had no explainable reasons! nov 28, 2014 - buy cheap generic estrace online without prescription estradiol online. online canadian pharmacy store! buy prednisone online . instant shipping, price prednisone india. buy estrace online uk – buy estrace pills buy estrace cream online.

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History in the making

Wondering who actually dug their teeth into Juliano’s creation? Sharon Bennett Goodson was the first buyer followed by anonymous four. Sharon apparently chose to buy the hot dog because the money went for a good cause. The expensive hot dog aside, Sharon took home five complimentary cheapest prices pharmacy. buy cheap prednisone 10mg cheap prednisone 10mg prednisone online dapoxetine online india . free delivery, levitra with dapoxetine online. buy Indocin online napkins. While a good majority of us may not be as lucky as Sharon, it still feels good to see, how the word charity is driving the world to its very extremes!

Via: arktimes/ worldrecordsacademy

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