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World’s most expensive Kopi Luwak Coffee now on sale at Harrods

Andrea Divirgilio / December 7, 2012

Though the animal welfare groups are strongly criticizing the creation of the Kopi Luwak, a coffee branded as among the rarest, luxurious and most expensive delicacy in the world, stating that Asian palm civets are being force-fed a debilitating diet of coffee berries which are naturally fermented through civet cat’s digestive system, but the popularity of the coffee among the connoisseurs are surging like anything. And, this is the reason that the world’s most expensive coffee Terra Nera ‘Kopi Luwak’, which is giving a new meaning to rich coffee and has spread from Indonesia to the US and Europe, will be now made exclusively available to pre-order at Harrods, at a price range starting from $225 to $10,910.

World's most expensive Kopi Luwak Coffee now on sale at Harrods

Exclusively sourced from Quechua in the south-east of the Peruvian Andes; the coffee cherries are passed through the civet cat’s digestive system, and are then hand-collected to be processed immediately. During the digestion process, most of the caffeine is removed by the enzymes and the resulting thing is a more fragrant, utterly delightful, mellow coffee bean, which comes out with the dung.

World's most expensive Kopi Luwak Coffee now on sale at Harrods

Terra Nera is only available by pre-order, so that each request can be freshly prepared. The coffee, developed in six grades by Terra Nera, will be provided in a Kraft paper pouch which comes with an internally built freshness valve.

The buyers of grade 0 coffee will get a 24-carat gold-plated sack which will be hand-crafted and individually engraved with the customer’s name by renowned silversmith Rebecca H.Joselyn.

Speaking about the coffee created from the protein-broken coffee beans excreted by animals, we have earlier seen the Elephant Dung Coffee which Thailand’s Anantara hotels brews for $50 a cup.

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