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World’s most expensive lunchbox- Oscheriyori available for $229,000

Andrea Divirgilio / October 6, 2011

Osechiryo- World's most expensive lunch box

When you have cash, you got to spend it whether its car, homes, islands, yachts or just about anything, which might show your taste (literally). Taking this thought in mind, is the Oscheriyori lunch box, which happens to be the world’s most expensive meal box served at the Takashimaya Restaurant in New York. Not just because of the food inside, the price tag is attached to this special lunch box because of the container in which it is bought; a 20cm x 20cm 18K gold plated container. This instance bought back flash memories of the most expensive breakfast; $35,000 a person by Chambord.

The exclusive lunch that we talked about is a rather traditional Japanese variety. It contains root vegetables, rice and meat, presented in the shape of various sushi rolls and sashimi, and makes quite the colorful food palette. But since it is going to be presented in an 18K gold 3.35 kg box, with multiple layers of the precious metal, the prices will quite obviously shoot up. Also the artwork and engraving on and inside the box, adds to the cost. As per the restaurant, this exercise is actually a part of a promotion for the New Year, when 3 such lunch boxes shall be made, for special customers who would end up ordering before October 11 this year. Should the demand rise beyond estimates, then there would be a lucky draw, and the winner of that lucky draw will receive this exclusive golden lunch box.

If Japanese meals are what you like, and prefer the more expensive varieties, we have earlier told you about the most expensive sushi, priced at $4,350 per person. With the price of gold set to rise owing to deficit in availability, any item which is associated with this metal would most certainly go up. But with the moneyed folks with their stash of cash, wouldn’t mind a few of these indulges, would they?

Via: Japan Today/ WSJ

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