World’s most expensive manicure treatments
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World’s most expensive manicure treatments

World’s most expensive manicure treatments

Most expensive manicure

Gone are the days of simple make-up, common jewelry and normal dresses, for the uber-rich fashionistas everything has to be just very luxurious. Leave behind your usual manicurist and shell out for the most expensive manicures. The luxury manicure services include the likes of Diamond manicures to uber cool gold manicure services .So, if you are amongst the super opulent class and want cherish the bling quotient, catch professional Viagra no prescription up with the latest luxury trend of jewel embedded nails.

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1. Iced Manicure:

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Most expensive manicure

Price: $51,000

Diamonds are and will remain girl’s best friends forever, and it would be an icing on the cake if you get diamonds on your fingertips. Yes, with everything taking a luxurious toll, even a nail treatment like manicure has gone up to an opulent class. This diamond manicure is known as ‘Ices Manicure’, in which 10 carat diamonds are studded on your nails and is the most expensive nail Levitra online treatment known till now. London-based Cherish Angula’s diamond manicure is priced at a whopping $51,000.If you are concerned about the aftercare of the manicure leave it to Cherish and team who are specialist in the continuance and removal of the diamonds. This luxurious treatment is surely the definition of frivolous! This manicure was sported by famous celebrity Katy Perry after all this heavy pocket manicure is not everybody’s cup of tea. You can get this manicure done with a prior appointment form Suite 15925 Lower Ground Floor 145-157 St John Street – London.

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2. Diamond Manicure:

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Price : $32,000

Next amazing and luxurious manicure service that you can go for is Leighton Denny owner of Day Spa that offers various precious stones nail embellishments in diamonds, sapphire and ruby as well. On the 5th floor of Harrods buy Ventolin in London this glittering spa is situated and offers some amazing services. The manicure is only done with prior appointments.

3. Gold Manicure:

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Most expensive manicure

Price: $120

So what’s the next best thing after diamond? Its gold for sure, for the people who do not want to splurge on diamond manicure can opt for the latest gold manicure that is far less expensive in comparison to these diamonds and precious stones ones. So the next time visit London The Ritz Salon-- located on the seventh floor of the legendary hotel on Piccadilly, is your destination. The salon has launched its all new gold manicure, created by Jeff Pink the inventor of French Manicure and founder of the famous Orly Professional Nail Care range. The manicure will offer you all the lavish treatment right from soaking your hand in moisturizer to an olive oil massage. The special manicurist Anna Gardiner will then apply the extraordinary glitter flashes of signature Ritz gold lacquer, positioned to complement the natural nail. Hence give your nail an expensive look this procedure will take 75 minutes.

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