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World’s most expensive Monopoly game has a £100,000 price tag

Andrea Divirgilio / December 23, 2011

The game of Monopoly has gained many a fanfare across the world, simply for the intriguing journey to one’s riches, artificially though it may be. Hence, like most games, this one made its presence felt in the life of the really rich folks by rearing itself in luxurious options such as we saw in the Zontik games edition and Sidney Mobell set. Now Pemberton & Milner, where Ms. Elisabeth Moore is one of the top brass, has managed to create the most expensive Monopoly gaming set, with a price tag of £100,000 ($156,714). Crafted out of exotic leather and silver, this game set shall put some already rich folks into the dream world of gaining wealth.

World's most expensive Monopoly game set

Partnering with distinguished jewelers like Garrad, this special edition of the Monopoly game will see some customized changes to its set up. The main of course being, the change in names of different destinations, to that of what one would normally associate with the British Military and security forces such as the Royal Navy. Though rules largely remain similar, using real life military based names will certainly seem to add a touch of change, other than the novelty used in the accessories set. Equipment used will be more in the shape of military based specialties, and destination such as the military mess and associated fines come into the picture should a player falter. Even the station heads are now military unit heads!

Talking of the other novelty features of the board game, the equipment shall be available in 2 main versions; Deluxe and ultra-luxe versions. While the deluxe uses hand printed leather and silver equipment, put together partly by machine, the ultra-luxe version will have been created entirely out of hand. Also, this project will have a charitable cause associated with the sale of the game set. Once sold off, the proceeds go to 3 army charities, namely the Royal Marines Charity, ABF soldiers’ charity, and the RAF Benevolent charity. The reason being cited, is the long indirect association of Ms. Moore with the British security forces, in form of her long term boyfriend, her father, and her brother. Well, as for us, we are just waiting for the truly rich guys to get their hands on this and start fantasy playing one of the most popular money board games ever. Probably, Larry Ellison would buy one considering he has a habit of buying properties in true monopoly style.

World's most expensive Monopoly game set internal view

Via: The Sun/ P&M

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