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World’s most expensive paddleboard sells for $27,500

Andrea Divirgilio / February 21, 2012

A few years ago, when John and Bari Denny left Maui, and created their own venture on Jupiter paddleboarding, they perhaps didn’t make the right estimate, as to how popular their sport would eventually become. Perfectly suited for the waters of Palm Beach, this specialized water based sport flourished amongst enthusiasts, and the Jupiter Paddleboarding became the largest retailer in the region. With master designers like Jimmy Lewis, they even managed to make some high-end boards like the current piece, which fetched $27,500 at a recent charity auction. This winning bid made it the most expensive paddleboard (sup board) in the world.

World's most expensive paddle board

For those of who have been around the area, and even otherwise, would be fully aware that the Palm Beach area is famous for being a vacationing spot, and also where people indulge in water sports as well. The waters of the ocean and local weather conditions make it an ideal spot for beach vacationing, and hence paddleboarding suited perfectly to this zone as a sport. But overcrowding has ensured that the natural gifts get compromised upon, and in need of preservation. Hence one of the organizations involved in bringing about awareness and mobilizing the issue, is Everglades Foundation who had organized their annual charity gala. At the event, this special sup board was auctioned off by its owner Jimmy Buffett, who pledged his gear for charity. With the 10ft 6-inch board, there will be specialized accessories such as Jimmy Lewis Kahana paddle by Quickblade, a Jimmy Lewis board bag, and personal paddleboarding session organized by Jupiter Paddleboarding. However, the proceeds from this auction will now head towards the Everglades Glades Foundation’s mission to preserve and spread awareness about the area.

Also do take a glance at the record setting Roy Stewart long board, which is the most expensive surfing board in the world. Looks like surfing is about flashing designer wear too!

Via: SUP Connect

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