World’s most expensive paper bag by Jill Sander’s sells for $290

Andrea Divirgilio / August 29, 2012

Though the rich philanthropists spend a lot of money on various charitable causes closed to their hearts, they still love to spend on frivolous luxuries like this $250 Jill Sander’s paper bag, which officially is the most expensive paper bag. While the Jil Sander fashion line is known for its minimalist designs, this $290 Vasari brown paper bag puts on a price on minimalism. And, considering the fashion house’s popularity with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kanye West amongst others, we are not surprised that the Jill Sander store in SoHo has already run out of the $290 paper bag. “I think it’s more of a fashion statement,” Mildred Fabian, regional director of the design house said.

Most expensive paper bag

The $290 designer paper from the fall men’s collection is made of treated brown paper, stitched together with seam finish, metal eyelets at the bottom and bears the Jil Sander logo.

“Both versions sold out fast — possibly because they are part of the last collection from Raf Simons,” Fabian said.

A black leather version of the Vasari clutch, retails for $630. Last year, $150 utility bag crafted in ‘acetate’ designed by Jil Sander’s, was a hit with the fashionistas and eco lovers.

Utility Bag

Via: Gawker/LNCC

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