World’s most expensive popcorn: Berco’s Billion Dollar popcorn
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World’s most expensive popcorn: Berco’s Billion Dollar popcorn

World’s most expensive popcorn: Berco’s Billion Dollar popcorn

If history order Asacol is to be looked, than the beginnings of popcorn is traced back to the Native Americans, who had mastered this special food item as early as 3500 BC. But since then, it seems to have come a long way in order to become one of the most popular snack items consumed the world around. It was only befitting that such a popular snack get a special makeover, so that it takes a place in the record books for the world to see. Berco’s Billion dollar popcorn has done precisely that, by creating a golden snack version, making it most expensive the world over.

Ingredients- zyban online pharmacy cheap bupropion Organic sugar for caramel, Butter (from Vermont Creamery), Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla, the world’s most expensive salt, Laeso and garnished with 23K edible gold flakes.

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World’s most expensive popcorn

This particular salt has been derived Combivent without prescription by processes which are over 1000 years old, and are traced back to the Danish Island of Laeso. Since production is limited to this small, procuring the same becomes rather difficult, thus making the variety rather expensive. However, the rates for this variety of popcorn are as follows: 1 Quart: $100, 1 Gallon: $250, 2 Gallons: $500, 6.5 Gallons: $1,000. There are also 3 others varieties available with Berco’s:

· Caramel Corn

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Berco's caramel corn

The caramel used in the variety is made using organic sugar and butter, buy dapoxetine 60mg . viagra in india cost directorysell street price strattera. pharmacy and therapeutics is a transport at a solo or an office specialist that  salt, and vanilla. The prices for various quantities are as follows: 1 quart: $7.50, 1 Gallon: $30, 2 Gallons: $57, 6.5 Gallons: $130.

· Big time butter

Berco's Butter Hero corn

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Due to the many varieties available today, this variety of popcorn isn’t usually the Order Clonidine Online chosen one, but since Berco’s is making it, it

To put it simply: this variety has some rare salt added and nothing more! In order to keep the health conscious happy and satisfied, this variety has no additives in terms of caramel, butter, or even vanilla. The pricing is as follows: 1 Quart: $7, 1 Gallon: $27, 2 Gallons: $47, 6.5 Gallons: $110.

Custom Tin: For the popcorn-lovers who want them all, the company also offers a option to order a "Custom Tin." You can select any three different flavors of these gourmet popcorns and split them just the way you you want!

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