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World’s most expensive T-shirt sports organic origins and specially crafted diamonds

Andrea Divirgilio / January 19, 2012

Last year, when we spoke of the 50K-Tees shirt as the world’s most expensive t-shirt, it garnered quite a few eye balls for the being the most expensive T-shirt in the world. Now, it can hope to make way for the Superlative Luxury 100% organic T-shirt which crosses the price barrier by a considerable margin, by pricing it at $400,000. Placed with multiple cut diamonds of the black and white varieties, the production process of this t-shirt is known to be 90% more eco-friendly than the traditional method and the resultant fabric being suitable for virtually any skin type there is. So much so for going green!

World's Most Expensive T-shirt

We had traditionally believed that only the big fashion brands belt out things with outrageously priced products, with equally fascinating concepts but this one defies it all. Though not much popular in the fashion circles as yet, the company is certainly going up the ladder pretty quick after their latest stroke of creativity (at least that’s what they call it!). When delving into the intricacies of how eco-friendly the idea, one really does wonder if it is truly worth the price tag; as compared to traditional t-shirt manufacturers who use conventional sources of energy, known to harm the environment. As per folks at Superlative, the t-shirt is made using sources of energy with are 90% lower in terms of carbon emissions, which incidentally takes the production and delivery time to a stretched 28 days, before it all reaches the customer. On top of it all, there are going to be diamonds worth 9 carat in total weight, including a combination of white and black diamonds, worked out on the chest in a prominent design. Some of these diamonds are even known to be above 1 carat in weight each, whereas the black variety is generally weighed below a single carat.

Just in case you have sensitive skin, be rest assured that you wouldn’t have trouble wearing this one. The fabric is known to be a special kind which won’t irritate your skin in any way, no matter how sensitive it may be. So if you are looking to flaunt (crazily almost), you might want to order one of these. Are the Hip-Hop guys listening?

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