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World’s most expensive Vacuum Cleaner is 24k Gold Plated and sells for $1,000,000

Andrea Divirgilio / June 28, 2012

Only a multi-billionaire with a mighty spending heart can actually afford to purchase premium online vacuum cleaner vendor GoVacuum’s exquisite million dollar 24k gold-plated vacuuming wonder that has been specifically designed to make a luxury statement. Titled to be the world’s most expensive vacuum, the all metal and fully customizable CV62711 is not only a luxury item, but it’s a multifaceted cleaner as well, as it offers a variety of different modes of cleaning, powerful motors for maximized airflow generation, wide cleaning nozzle, HEPA bag and robust cleaning capacity. Though, we have seen some of the high-tech vacuum cleaners like the Furot II with eyes, mind and memory, the ErgoRapido all decked with Swarovski crystals and the Electrolux HVF robot vacuum cleaner that thinks green, but the million-dollar vacuum cleaner is certainly a one-of-a-kind luxury piece that will not only clean the house, but will also grace it.

24k Gold Plated Million Dollar Vacuum Cleaner is the World's most expensive one

Known for offering the best vacuum cleaners at the best prices, GoVacuum is now selling the most and expensive and of course the best vacuum money can buy. Each of the vacuums is fully customizable, and the process of engraving and gold-plating will start once the buyer buys the product. Customizable options include a hand-sewn outer bag from any material you choose, and will be lined by an all metal zipper encasing the disposable HEPA bag. Also, the manufacturer offers free engraving and the customization options are limitless, depending on the requirement of the buyers.

24k Gold Plated Million Dollar Vacuum Cleaner is the World's most expensive one

The GoVacuum GV62711 will definitely impress the buyers with its power, light-weight, and its ability to vanquish pet hair, grime, fur, dust mites and other debris with ease. The machine features anti-marring urethane wheels, 14” wide cleaning nozzle with wooden roller brush and high-performance 10 amp motor.

24k Gold Plated Million Dollar Vacuum Cleaner is the World's most expensive

Notably, only 100 examples of this exclusive product will be produced to be made available on a global level with free shipping. Also, the GV62711 will be never be produced or made again, as each of the machine will e engraved with an exclusive serial number and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

24k gold vacuum cleaner

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Via: GoVacuum / PR

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