World’s First Underwater Sports Car

Andrea Divirgilio / May 13, 2006

aquarius 1

If the world beneath the sea has always fascinated you, then how about a trip under the sea in your sports car! A specialist engineering company called Subeo has created the world’s first underwater sports car called Aquarius. The submersible car can take you to a maximum depth range of 100m and it can carry the necessary life support for 74 hours. The amphibious sports car has all the components of a large submersible including buoyancy tanks, life support systems, front and rear hydroplanes and an extremely sophisticated integrated control system. The car is powered by sodium/nickel chloride batteries with 9 integrated thrusters and has a maximum speed of about 7 knots. So, if you are all-ready for an aqua-drive then this luxury trip will set you back for a rich amount of $1,500,000!!

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