World’s most expensive bathtub sold for $1.74 million
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World’s most expensive bathtub sold for $1.74 million

World’s most expensive bathtub sold for $1.74 million

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Few days ago we reported about Buy Levitra the crystal bathtub that was bought by

‘Le Grand Queen’ bathtub is made of rare and precious Caijou gemstone that is known for its therapeutic benefits. Sales and marketing director, Caijou Group, Reka Peresa commented, "The Caijou gemstone bathtub is a unique luxury object, crafted out of one of the strongest healing stones in Arthritis the world. Ancient Chinese, Arab and Egyptian civilizations knew of this stone’s beauty and its healing ability, having stored over 100 million years of energy from the earth and universe."

crystal bathtub

This was the 16th International Jewellery Week in Dubai that displayed some of the most amazing works by world renowned jewelers from 25 countries across the world. Earlier, we have also told you about the crystal bathtub that was designed out of a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rain forest, which took six months to carve. Only three such bathtubs have been made so far, the first one was sold at Salone del Mobile in 2008 to a Russian buyer for $858,763. The second one was created for Harrods with a price tag of $790,310 and the third one was bought by Tamara Ecclestone for $1.5 million.

pink Swarovski studded baby bathtub

Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner that was made of 44,928 pink Swarovski crystal costs $39,000. The bathtub took three years to be created by diligent artisans. Recently, Beyonce who is also expecting a (girl) child received this pink Swarovski studded baby bathtub from Kelly Rowland. This bathtub costs $7000 and order metoclopramide weighs more than 3,000 pounds.

Via: Trade Arabia

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