World’s greatest antique games table up for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / August 2, 2010

albemarle games table
Calling all antique furniture collectors! This is your chance to own the world’s greatest antique games table that was made for the bohemian Albemarle Club in London. The club is known for its historic associations with Oscar Wilde, who was a member of the Albemarle Club.

The bohemian club was rocked by scandal in 1895, when the Marquess of Queensberry burst in, demanding to see Oscar Wilde, who was a member. Barred from entry by the porter, Queensberry left his calling card with the infamous note “For Oscar Wilde, posing somdomite” (sic). The card led to Wilde’s failed libel action and subsequent criminal prosecution. Because of the club’s prominent place in the proceedings, it fell into disrepute, and was finally closed sometime after World War I.

gaming table
This antique gaming table boasts finest craftsmanship and timeless beauty to add elegance to any space. The masterfully crafted games table is crafted in finest Cuban mahogany with satinwood inlays. An elaborate key mechanism, inscribed “The Albemarle Club,” at the center of the table, consists of a series of locks that are opened only by a special set of custom brass keys. Six individual keys correspond to individual drawers on the table, and one large master key opens all six. The drawers reveal individual stations featuring a myriad of pieces and boards to play games from chess, dominoes and cribbage to backgammon and horseracing, among others. Each station is fashioned with a sliding cocktail glass support and a compartment to store its own brass key. This circa-1875 piece of furniture is listed at a price of $175,000.

Via: Luxist/ArtFix Daily

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