World’s first horological jewelry by Brikk

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2012

Brikk, the upcoming American luxury brand known for its gold and Titanium Trim series iPhone cases, and $20k diamond belt knows how to lure the rich with its unique designs. The brand has now introduced the world’s first horological jewelry series, the most important being the horological heptagon pendant. Dedicated to the unique shape, and the fine art of watch making, the entire collection brings in abstract aesthetics to say the least, but premium fabrication and designing is a part of the scheme too. Like their previous creation, this product also has a charitable angle to it, where by each unit of jewelry sold will have 1 metric tonne of rice donated to charitable programmes like the UN World Food Programme.

Brikk Horlogical pendant

The most prominent piece of jewelry of the lot, is the heptagonal pendant, which is available in 3 precious metal options; gold movement, nickel movement, and diamond. The unit shaped like a heptagon, houses a functional mechanical watch movement that vibrates at 21,600 vibrations per hour. There are 17 jewels within the Swiss made movement mechanism.

Brikk Horlogical pendant

The terms of the purity and grading level of the metals, 22K gold or 950 platinum is used for the pendant, covered by dual sapphire crystal coverings. If one looks to, the optional black diamond carbon coating can also be used. Accompaniments include the 18-inch matching chain and the titanium presentation case. The pricing for the pendant is $19,180 for the gold version, and $19,980 for the platinum version. The extra carbon coating would cost $1,000.

Brikk Heptagonal Men's ring

For those who have a strong liking for the surprising heptagonal nut shape of the jewelry, there are options for ladies and gents ring too. Using the similar variety of fabrication as the pendant, the ‘For Him’ ring is 5mm thick and has 3 varieties; standard, side stones, and eternity. The woman’s ring, called ‘For Her’ is also similar construction, but with a thinner body at 3mm.

Brikk Heptagonal Women's ring

Like the pendant, the rings can also be ordered with an additional fee of $500, to get the carbon coating on them. The price range for the male ring ranges from $3,150 for the ‘standard gold’ to $11,050 for the ‘eternity platinum’. On the female ring is priced between $2,450 for the standard gold to $6,950 for the eternity platinum series. Also, there will be the ‘Thin Eternity’ and ‘Solitaire editions’ which are to be revealed later.

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