The Worlds first iPad Rocking Chair ‘iRock’ even charges your iPad or iPhone

Andrea Divirgilio / October 31, 2012

Keep on rocking to keep on saving electricity with the revolutionary-new and the world’s first power generating iPad Rocking Chair dubbed as iRock. Developed by Zurich-based Micasa Lab, this modernized version of the traditional rocking chair which has been hand-crafted out of finest Swedish oak is a self-sufficient iPad dock and sound station, which makes the rocking motion worthwhile. Defined to be a product that impressively explores how furniture can successfully interact with technology, the iRock doesn’t just use the energy generated via back and forth rocking to charge any Apple device, but it also powers speakers-system equipped in the chair itself.

iPad Rocking Chair 'iRock'

iPad Rocking Chair 'iRock'

Meticulously hand-made in Pine wood and painted in 5-layers to give it an elegant, shiny white look, the $1,300 iRock uses a winding mechanism that is appointed to run the power-generator.

The Worlds first iPad Rocking Chair even charges you iPad or your iPhone

While developing this 18-kg iRock Rocking Chair, its designers and developers also ended up learning enough to apply power-generating mechanism to drawers, stairs, and doors. So, in the near future, we can well expect some of the other revolutionary and tech home-furnishing items from the house of Micasa Lab.

iPad Rocking Chair 'iRock'

Notably, 60 minutes of comfortable iRock usage also helps you recharge an iPad 3 to 35%.

iPad Rocking Chair 'iRock'

Via: iRockNow / Gizmag

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