World’s largest atlas on sale for $100K

Andrea Divirgilio / April 17, 2012

We had earlier told you about the world’s most detailed atlas, which we went on sale in 2010, but the now the largest one is on sale too. Measuring a rather gigantic 6ft x 4 ½ ft in dimensions, this atlas will now go on for sale with a price tag $100,000 each. Limited to 31 copies, getting the book printed was a gigantic task just like the physical proportion of the book, as it involved a worldwide selection procedure for the perfect printer, until the order finally landed with one in Milan. A city known for its link to high-end fashion world, will boast of this special creation for Australia based Millenium House publishers, titled ‘Earth Platinum’.World's largest atlas Earth Platinum

Magnum Opus may be the only description suited to this rare book, which will now go on sale for some of the luckiest collectors the world over. It’s just the size; the weight of this paper load is pegged at around 330-lbs, which would mean an entire entourage is indeed to carry or move this thing around. But once placed, it will perhaps be a permanent fixture in a museum, or personal library, where 2 people will be needed to turn around the pages each time.

World's largest atlas Earth Platinum

With 24 photographers, 88 cartographers, plus artists and computer scientists were involved in the making of this book. Such a huge team would mean that the detailing and quantity of information never really got much more detailed for a book like this. No wonder that out of the 31 in total production plans, a few of them have been pre-ordered for by customers in the Middle East. Though the ‘Earth Platinum’ of world geography will take time to catch up and grab the attention of the public, but will sure make a mark for itself in a time when everything to read upon is available on the web.

World's largest atlas Earth Platinum

Via: Gizmodo/ Gizmag

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