World’s largest handmade carpet worth $5.8 million

Andrea Divirgilio / August 2, 2007


You must have seen huge carpets at the mosques or some religious gatherings, but the one pictured above is insanely large. Iran is claiming to have built the world’s largest handmade carpet. The carpet that measures 5,625 sq m (60,546 sq ft) was made in nine separate segments with 2.2 billion knots. 1200 weavers took some 18 months and about 38 tons of wool and cotton to complete the task.


The huge carpet is destined for use in a mosque in the United Arab Emirates. The multihued carpet is mainly green, red and cream but has been made from 25 different colors of wool. Woven in Iran’s north-eastern province of Khorasan, the colossal carpet is worth an estimated $5.8 million (£2.8m).

via Spluch

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