World’s most expensive car wax costs £24,000 a pot

Andrea Divirgilio / September 8, 2010

brough howarth definitive wax marble

While the world’s most expensive car wash could cost you up to £7,200, the world’s most expensive car wax is going to cost you a cool £24,000 (approx. $37,000). Brough & Howarth, the vehicle appearance specialist company that offer a unique range of bespoke vehicle treatments and paintwork restoration processes for the world’s finest vehicles, is soon going to reveal the Definitive Wax Marble at a prestigious location in London. Claimed to be the rarest and most exclusive in the world, the Definitive Wax Marble comes hand-crafted in a solid white and gray marble cube, sourced from Athens, Greece.

The wax is made from refined natural fruit oils, locally sourced beeswax and imported carnauba wax from northern Brazil. To speak of exclusivity, there is just one pot of Definitive Wax Marble in existence, which belongs to Brough & Howarth.

Jason Brough, Brough and Howarth`s master polisher, said…

This very special car wax preparation is more than an exclusive paintwork protection treatment. Some of these vehicles are valued at over GBP1m and are pieces of art in their own right, so the correct car care methods are critical in maintaining their value.

Pricing for car wash and wax at Brough & Howarth usually starts at £325. For the ultimate connoisseur treatment called the “Brough & Howarth Effect,” they charge £65 per hour and the treatment takes at least 120 hours to complete. While the standard memberships with Brough & Howarth start from £1,650, the bespoke memberships cost over £10,000.

Car collectors and the discerning individuals can purchase the Definitive Wax Marble only through Brough & Howarth or the firm’s approved associates.

Via: PRNewswire

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