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World’s Most Expensive Stereo System

Andrea Divirgilio / September 7, 2007

What does the world’s most expensive high-end-stereo sound like? You will have to get rid of $ 860,608 if you care to know the answer! IFA 2007 has been the proud venue for the display of this absurdly expensive system, presented by the trade journal Audio.

If you are keen to know what makes the hi-fi system so pricey, listen to this, the JBL-speakers essential for the 5.1 sound, cost $68,700 per pair! Moreover, it shows-off four 18-inch Velodyne subwoofers of $52,000. The amplifiers are of no mean brands but 5 power amplifiers made by Krell for $163,000 as well as a Mark Levinson pre-amplifier for $54,500. What attracts the most attention is the Clearaudio player, which costs for a humble $137,000.
I’m sure you would like to know about the least expensive component in the system, if any! Yes, it has a Pioneer’s blue-ray player BDP-LX 70 for $1,776 and Toshiba’s HD-DVD player HD-EXI that is a savior in the cost department. However, the SIM2 projector HAT-500 is priced at a whopping $68,000.

The luxurious system is a treat for the audiophiles and home-cinema buffs alike. Sure, they would not mind doling out all that cash!

Via: Tomshardware

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