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World’s Most Technologically Advanced Submersibles

Andrea Divirgilio / June 14, 2006

most technologically advanced submersibles

I have earlier told you about world’s most luxurious submarines, the Phoenix 1000 and the Seattle 1000 that runs into millions. And, if that’s what keeping you from buying one then don’t worry! I am back with plethora of options for you! EXOMOS engineering has introduced a range of spy inspired submarine designed by Herev Jaubert, which are designed for a range of applications, from personal use to military purposes. The Exomos submarines are designed in a variety of configuration for one or more than one person use. And, if you are interested in submersible based on a military vehicle then check-out the SDV submersible from the company’s submersibles list.

via TheCoolHunter

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