World’s second most expensive casino opens in Singapore

Andrea Divirgilio / April 27, 2010

singapore las vegas sands 1

Talking of casinos, it instantly brings to mind the glittering city streets of Las Vegas, where fantasies are reality and high life has a whole different meaning. However, there has always been a need to shift this foolhardiness to some other part of the world and what better place than Singapore. So, for those who understand the high life with only one certainty – “To live well, you must pay. Or play,” the doors at the world’s second most expensive casino are open. Built by US gaming giant Las Vegas Sands, the Marina Bay Sands’ $5.5 billion complex would feature 2560 hotel rooms, a shopping mall, some restaurants, an exhibition center and an events plaza. While it’s great news for high-rollers, it is still to be seen if big spenders can get away from Monte Carlo or Macau.

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Via: SMH

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