Carbon fiber chair worth $17,600: Furniture for the auto connoisseur

Andrea Divirgilio / June 22, 2011

X-1 created carbon fiber chair worth $17,600

Carbon fiber furniture is as much for the auto lovers as it is for the high-end homes. And, one such advanced design is this carbon fiber lounge chair that appeals with its sleek and curvaceous silhouette. We have earlier told you about other luxurious carbon fiber furniture, including the Mast 3.0 collection , Mansory carbon chairs and the Frag Gaming Chair that features inbuilt speakers.

Now X-1, a well-known furniture company from Italy, has come up with an innovative lounge chair that is made from carbon fiber. The elegant chair is made from imported fine honeycomb Nomex material, clubbed with the carbon fiber. This combination makes it extremely durable, stiff and comfortable to seat on. The sleek design, when combined with the basic black and white color, lends it a touch of elegance. The padded portion makes it ultra-comfortable to lounge around all-day long.

The scientifically created chair also comes with a head pillow made from high quality leather to rest your head. The pillow has a regulatory system for adjusting it into three different positions. And, the chair is in a lounge shape to give your body a complete rest.

The lounge chair is available in a range of colors to match your interiors; black and white are the most commonly sold shades though. So, if you want to make this elegant piece a part of your home décor, get ready to drop $17,600 for this piece of hi-tech furniture.

Via: Carbon Fiber Gear

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