XGOLF Golf Simulators brings the real life golfing experience indoors

Andrea Divirgilio / December 12, 2012

One of the world’s leading brands of virtual golf simulators, X-Golf, which has sold over 3000 systems worldwide, is now providing golf enthusiasts with a unique golfing experience via its world-renowned advanced-technology golf simulator, club-fitting and instructional system. Boasting an exclusive design, durability and cutting-edge technological features that makes it the most innovative golf-simulator system, the X-Golf Simulator has been designed to bring the most exciting, rewarding and real-life golfing experience indoors, just short of actually being on the course. Claimed to be much advanced in comparison to many other indoor golf simulators available, the X-Golf difference actually stems from the cutting-edge technology that accurately analyzes a player’s swing, and unique features including XBALL ‘Intelligent Ball Teeing’ and XPLATE ‘Variable Lie Positioning Plate’.

XGOLF Golf Simulator

XGOLF Golf Simulator

At XGolf, the makers have placed precision optical sensors wherever necessary to capture and mimic each and every possible golf-shot that a golfer can face in the real world. The strategically-placed sensors then impressively captures 1 million data points per second and the advanced software recalculates the simulation equation at a rate of 6,000 time per second. Notably, this high powered data processing activity allows X-Golf to recreate real launch, flight, bounce, and roll characteristics, along with providing detailed shot information, video analysis, weight-shift analysis and data analysis, making the X-Golf experience so realistic.

XGOLF Golf Simulator

And, the two features that make the authenticity of XGolf’s simulated golf unparalleled are the XPLATE and XBALL.

XGOLF Golf Simulators

The feature XPLATE ‘Variable Lie Positioning System’ impressively detects the ground slope and automatically adjusts the slope where a golfer stands to provide a more realistic experience. Further, the slope can also be manually adjusted for practicing different kind of shots, including uphill, downhill and side hill lie shots.

While the XBALL ‘Intelligent Teeing System’ not only gathers the balls and puts it on the tee before every shot, but also remembers each player’s tee-height setting during the game.

XGOLF Golf Simulator

Priced between $43,000 and $58,000, the XGolf Simulator comes with a catalogue of 93 beautiful golf courses as well as realistic simulation power, variable lie emulation and auto tee system; features sufficient enough to attract customers all year long, no matter the weather outdoors.

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