Yaroslav Galant Embroidered football table for the tasteful homes

Andrea Divirgilio / August 24, 2012

Known as the ‘mecca’ for design lovers and homeowners alike, Milan Design Week has been showcasing the latest in home-furnishing design from Italy and around the globe since 1961. We have earlier shown you the 2012 Milan Fair design highlights, including some notable designs like the FIR bathroom wellness shower, Charlie Davidson’s crane lamp fixtures, and the Versace Home collection that mixes fashion and design at the fair. Now, an Ukranian designer Yaroslav Galant who showcased his table and bench designs which combines the ancient traditions and modern technologies at the fair, has now designed a football table, that too in the popular DuPont Corian material. Though, we have earlier seen some luxurious football table examples like the Teckell’s Cristallino Gold football table, Barbie-themed football table, and the crystallized football table for bling lovers, but this embroidered football designed by Yaroslav is certainly an art-piece for the tasteful homes.

Yaroslav Galant Embroidered football table for the tasteful homes

Yaroslav Galant Embroidered football table for the tasteful homes

Combining influences of Ukranian cultural heritage with modern fabricating technology, designer Yaroslav Galant created this football table that is literally embroidered with traditional Ukrainian patterns, which has been embroidered by hand in total of 54,027 holes. And, a total of 32,000 meters of thread has also been used.

Yaroslav claims that the pattern creates a strong energy which also has a protective effect.

Yaroslav Galant furniture at Milan Design Week

On the similar design note, Yaroslav’s furniture items featured at the Milan fair also boasts traditional Ukranian patterns, which were created with the small holes on the surface of high-tech material, allowing colorful threads to be woven into it.

Yaroslav’s furniture items

Via: InteriorNews

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