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YikeBike electric ‘mini-farthing’ goes on sale for $3,600

Andrea Divirgilio / December 20, 2010


Remember the YikeBike we covered last year? Billed as a mini penny-farthing for the 21st century, this radical piece of design has now gone on sale for a cool $3,600. The carbon fiber folding electric bike weighs in at 10.8 kg (22 lbs) and enjoys a speed of 23 km/hr (14.3 m/hr) with a range of 10 km (6.2 miles). With a bit of practice, the folding process takes less than 15 seconds. The folded dimensions are 150mm by 600mm by 600mm and the total folded volume is 43 liters.

The super-light electric folding bike takes around 20 minutes for an 80 percent charge. A full charge takes 40 minutes. The YikeBike comes with one charger, one charger cord, a carrying strap and a toolkit with tire inflation adapter and allen keys.

Via: Gizmodo/OhGizmo/Wired

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