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YPI puts Cyclos III sailing yacht for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / February 21, 2012

The Cyclos III yacht, which first made an appearance in 1990, will now go on sale with an expectant price of €3.5 million ($4.63 million). During this production year 1990, it made headlines because of the modernistic outlook, and the amenities on board which were pretty much the best available at that time. The people responsible for creating this luxury vessel were, Ron Holland who designed the exteriors, and interiors were done up by Andrew Winch. If the former captain of this yacht, and current listing broker, Mr. Will Bishop is to be trusted, this yacht is supposedly one of the most exciting to sail around with, especially on the Caribbean waters.

Cyclos III yacht

Belonging to the niche category of sail yachts, this vessel looks like the ideal one for the sunny days at sea. With the large open aft deck, there is plenty of space for an open-air party or simply lay out chairs for soaking in the sun. What also appeals to the eye, and speaks volumes about the elite breed of this yacht, is the polished teak wood flooring of the deck. Those looking to spend their time inside, can be assured of luxury spaces in the 3 cabins, which can accommodate 10 guests, and 6 members of the crew, who have been allotted separate spaces on the yacht.

Cyclos III yacht

As for the engine, there is a MTU Diesel 6V396TB83 machine, which generates 890 HP of power output. The maximum speed possible on the yacht is 12 knots, though 10 knots is the optimum speed recommended for an enjoyable journey. Without much noise from the generators within, the Cyclos III would be ideal for lazing around the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

Via: Boat International

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