Zannetti customizes the Box of Time Dragon watch winder with silver dragon

Andrea Divirgilio / February 1, 2012

The race for designer entries into the Baselworld 2012 seems to rather heating up with new creations from designers all around. With the likes of Perriard HYT H1 watch, Chaykin’s Mystery, and the Hublot Magic Gold watches as the major highlights of the show, haute horologe certainly will raise the standards’ bar much higher this time. In this race, will be abstract strokes of creativity such as the Zannetti Box of Time Dragon watch winder, targeted as an accessory for the range of premium watch collectors, who would want high-end winders for their timepieces. Featuring an oriental theme in this abstract packaging, it should grab a similar number of eye balls as the best presentations at the premier watch event.

Zannetti tabletop  Box of Time watch winder

Since oriental designs have traditionally been a serious source of curiosity and admiration, this watch winder by Zannetti could just hit bull’s eye with the lot. The most prominent part of this table top device, is the silver dragon perched on top, which reportedly took the craftsmen hours of fine carving to come up with the perfect product in the end. On the sides, there is the red detailing on the right side, where as some yellow gold artwork, is seen on the silver dragon and the side artwork as well. The design actually has its origin traced back to 1990, when Sandro Colarieti on search for a perfect winder tried to create some of his own. In the end, the master Patek Philippe and him, were jointly successful in creating a range, which went on to be counted amongst the best there is.

Zannetti tabletop  Box of Time watch winder

Talking of the main functional mechanism, the 1RTM motor, it has been put in place to house one watch only. This means, the only master piece, or the one watch that seems to be the apple of your eye, will get a sitting on this watch winder. There is also the brass cylinder, leather base, and PVD polished custom gearing used as a part of the core engine of the device, which can work with a 6 volt DC transformer, or with batteries of equal capacity. However, no word on the pricing as yet. Guess Baselworld 2012 is only when we get to know what the figure is. However, should you be looking out for more luxurious options, we suggest taking a look at the Kudoe Schli Matz Agilis and Gigantis watch winders. Comparing to this, these other winders would perhaps cater to the needs of a serious collector.

Via: Orologidiclasse

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