Zeus enclose PCs in platinum, gold, diamond cases

Andrea Divirgilio / January 29, 2008

zeus pc cases
When everybody around the corner is flaunting opulence through different luxury products, there is no reason why computer professionals or tech savvies should hold back and continue with their square and wacky systems, especially when they are doing an excellent job and making good earnings to keep pace with the modern world sparkling with luxurious lifestyle. Zeus Computers, Tokyo is out there with a line of luxury PCs enclosed in ornamented cases encrusted with precious metals and diamonds. It is not just an asset for celebs and well-off people, the hot luxury line of computers, including $760,000 pure platinum ‘Jupiter’ model and $570,000 solid gold ‘Mars’ model, could also prove useful for professionals, as it comes equipped with some of the most advanced features available. Featuring 3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6850-powered machine with a 256MB GeForce 7200GS VGA card, the luxury PCs presents a 1000GB serial ATA hard drive, 2048MB of memory and a Blu-ray/HD-DVD optical drive as well.

via Pinktentacle

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