Zoe Lister Jones | $ 5 Million
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Zoe Lister Jones Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 5 Million
Zoe Lister Jones
Zoe Lister Jones
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Born on: 1st Sep 82 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actress, musician, and screenwriter.

Zoe Lister Jones is one of the quality prone American actresses. Besides her acting, she is also a talented musician, playwright, and screenwriter. It seems there is nothing in the liberal arts universe that she cannot do. Her skills with pottery and basket weaving have not gained national attention yet, but perhaps that is next on her agenda. She is one of the prominent bold women who can act in any situation. She looks stunning, ravishing and has splendid features. She looks hot in whatever attire she puts on.


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Zoe Lister Jones Brands (2)

White one piece

Zoe Lister Jones

Zoe is looking pretty but at the same time is trying to give a bitchy look. The plain black inner with the zebra coat attached to it is very nice. Her simplicity makes her appear to be prettier.

Black and white one piece

Zoe Lister Jones

Zoe’s dress styling is unique. She is almost seen in the one piece. In this picture, the upper half of her dress is black in color and has checks in the bottom. With blonde hair cut style, she is looking totally different from her normal appearance.

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