Zorb: A blend of adventurous and playful Kiwi spirit

Andrea Divirgilio / February 6, 2008

If you do belongs to the class of fun loving and adventurous guys who constantly looks for unusual ways of touting their audacious spirit, Zorb is an innovative as well as daring way of having fun. As it takes a lot of courage and a big heart to cage oneself into an airtight ball and roll down the hill, even without the clutches to control the feral ride. Zorb ride is a real and exciting adventure, but it is quite safe at the same time, as while rolling down a slope or hill the rider is guarded from nasty bumps by a huge cushion of air. However, you may add extra cushion and pour some water into the Zorb for more protection. If you fell frightened alone, you may accompany a friend or two for the wild ride. If high and rocky hills appear too big to take on and trembles your courage, you may also slide Zorb in a river or sea to enjoy the water ride with floating and furious waves. No surprise that the invention originates from New Zealand, where day-to-day life of people is no less than a challenge and adventure in the lap of nature.

via Newspanda

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